The Simple Woman's Daybook ~ November

For Today

It has been a long day. I haven't got much done a part from a small amount of home school and running around sorting the children out. I did manage a lovely long shower this evening however which is always a welcome now it's got much colder up here!

Looking out my window

It's very dark, a few street lights on outside and it's quiet. Often I still see people walking up the alleyway by our home but I guess with this weather they're choosing to stay in.. 

I am thinking

About an awful lot of things. Happy things and things that worry me, but which shouldn't worry me at all. Also about meals for the week, I'm always thinking of food!

I am thankful

For the lovely doctor we saw today, who was cheery and friendly and told me how well I helped Mr K. She even asked if I was a nurse! I've never had any training to be a carer, I do it purely out of love and believe it's why God made me the way I am. I am also thankful to Him for all the good he has brought towards the end of this awful year. 

One of my favourite things


Some photos from my day out with my Dad. He and my Mum visited us last weekend and we got to be tourists in my home town. 

I am creating

Letters. I love to letter write and it sort of got forgotten about as I had other things to prioritise.

I am wearing

My pyjamas. Fleece bottoms and a jumper so I can stay snug all night long!

I am reading (read) /watching (watched) / listening to

I'm reading a Doctor Who book on and off, some trashy magazines and some blogs. I am catching up on Eastenders and The Apprentice and listening to old songs from my youth as well as my album of Christian music that I love. 

I am hoping

For a good close to 2019 so we can focus on good for 2020.

I am learning

That I need to accept who I am but find a balance. I have to believe I have power and can be resilient but I need to work hard to do these things when I am such an empath because without the balance I am nothing but a people pleaser which is honestly no fun at all.

In my kitchen

It actually smells of burned cake! Midge thought she'd bake a cake but she forgot about it. Happens more than we care to admit! I'm hoping tomorrow it'll smell more like apple crumble!

In the school room

Writing letters to Father Christmas and learning about the science of fireworks in home school.

In my garden 

It's getting very muddy out there. I need more covers to put my beds to..well, bed over the winter. I have pumpkins to donate to the pigs and tomatoes still growing despite this awful autumn weather!

Post Script

It's been a while since I blogged. My blog turned 8 in September and I have hardly touched it this year. I plan to ease myself in gently and find a new focus for my corner of the web. 

Shared Quote

"Just because someone carries it well, doesn't mean it isn't heavy."

A moment from my day

English requires all the concentration!

Closing Notes

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  1. I love to write letters too but it seems to be a dying art. I am trying to revive it at least in my life. I am learning though I like to receive them that I may have to sometimes just happy with sending them and maybe I will receive one back someday. I loved the descriptive way with your words, that formed pictures in my mind of what you were saying. I really enjoyed my visit here from The Simple Womans Daybook. If you would lik to stop by sometime I am trying to learn to blog at

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment Pat. I'm pleased you liked my post, I will of course pop over. Feel free to send me a postcard anytime I'll always return one!

  2. I have so enjoyed your post today. And thank you so much for stopping by my own blog and leaving such a lovely 'footprint'.

    When I see that you love helping people and writing letters, I think maybe we have some kindred-spiritedness going on. I feel alive in my skin when I can reach out and help others, and I believe writing letters (and blogging) are the writing 'genres' where I feel the most at home.

    Loved the photo of your 'tourist' day out in your own home town ... what a beautiful view.

    I hope the scent of apple crumble takes over today. We were steaming Christmas pudding yesterday. Will have several weeks now to age and mellow. It smelled so good. Today the oven will be baking cranberry-orange muffins for breakfasts next week.

    Wishing you a beautiful week ahead. I'll be back to visit some more.
    Brenda xox

    1. Thank you Brenda for such a lovely comment.
      I bet your home smelled delicious. I love baking for Christmas, I'm tempted to do a batch of mince pies early!

      I feel the same, it's easy to write isn't it, I love to help others. Have a lovely week. X