The English Heritage Festival Kent 2018

We recently went to The English Heritage Festival in Kent and were blessed with lovely sunshine and 4 happy children to spend the day with. The festival is hosted every year and features stalls, homemade food, crafts, activities for all ages, singing, music, characters and so much more.

I think a lot of people aim for the field area first where you can find the fair ground, characters and animals but we chose to look at the stalls first so we could take our shopping back to the car before heading to the fields later.

Midge made a beeline for the bow stall and I found a lovely handmade soap stall. We then listened to a local choir sing some lovely songs and checked out a garden stall. We bought a funky pot for our garden from there! 

We then went on to food! Martyn and the boys love visiting The Brownie Edit. All the children picked up a brownie each, I missed out as they're not made gluten and dairy free but never mind, my treat came later on!

Just a small selection of the many brownies at the Brownie Edit stall.

A delicious selection of baked goods

I said my treat came later! After finding some yummy Core Apple Juice and having a taste of some homemade cider I found a rather wonderful cookie and cupcake stall all gluten and dairy free!

Yummy gluten and dairy free cookies

I loved my cupcakes

After having a good look around the stalls and spending our money we set off back to the car for an old fashioned car picinc. On the way we stopped to take photos on a giant deck chair. I've seen these giant chairs on a lot of people's social media profiles from Butlins and I've always sadly wanted to sit on one! 

 Such a lovely photo of the 4 kids sunning themselves.  We all had trouble getting off!

After the picnic we headed to the field where we really enjoyed seeing dressed up characters, collectors items such as the wonderful Postman van with all of its letters and so much more inside.

All the children had a go at candle making with real beeswax. James did a blue one, A did a red one, Will a green one and Midge made a lovely orange one. It was fascinating learning about the bees and seeing the inside of what a hive looks like. 

There are lots of animals in the field area which we loved. Martyn got to see the donkeys and I saw 2 very handsome horses. We saw cows, goats, chickens and even owls. We had such a lovely day and I can't wait to go again next year! 


  1. Oh my god those brownies! Looks like an awesome day for you guys and the kids :)

    1. They look good right!? It was loveky thanks Is x