Goodbye Cornwall

Today I leave Cornwall.

If you had said to me several years ago that I would be leaving this part of the world, I would've laughed in your face and shook my head (and probably apologise for being rude because you know, it's me). The point is, I would never have believed anyone. I always believed I would grow old here and I certainly didn't think I could leave my parents, my aunt and my Gran down here without me.

Here we are though. In a few hours, and 2 days earlier than planned; myself and the littles will be hopping in the car and making our way to the South East. I am so excited!


We have done some lovely activities before we go in between doing maths games, reading and cooking dinners. 

We have been swimming which was awesome. L can now swim pretty confidently in the shallow end up to the sign before it gets deep and I am so proud of her! A had loads of attempts at swimming without aid and did so, so well swimming with floats and noodles.

We have said goodbye to lots of family and friends. The children have had fun on various days out and L even managed to have a sleepover after Trevithick Day. We had a lovely roast dinner to say bye to Fiona and Great Grandma plus all the furry friends including our Peppa who lives with Fiona now she's too poorly to relocate. 

I always thought leaving Cornwall would be ten times harder than it has been. I haven't cried at all about having to start afresh in another county. I didn't feel sad saying bye to friends because I hope to keep in touch. Saying bye to family has not been as difficult as I always thought it would be. The only time I have cried was when I had to say goodbye to Peppa. I am doing my best for Peppa by leaving her in a quiet environment with other dogs and my amazing Auntie. Peppa is unwell and is losing her sight and loud noises scare her. She has become a nervous dog who couldn't be with 4 loud children. I will miss her dearly. 

So I am doing something I never thought I'd do. I'm leaving Cornwall and I'm excited about it! Sometimes when I went away to stay with my aunt in Cambridge I dreamed about living there but I never thought I'd actually leave the south west to live somewhere new. 

I'm excited to explore more of Rochester, I'm looking forward to Cornwall being a holiday destination just like it was when I was a child and I have so many more happy memories visiting Cornwall than living in it! We will always come back because of all the family I have here and the children will always come back to stay. 

Starting a new chapter feels really good. I will miss my family but we have always been close and I'm actually nearer my siblings now I'm moving away. I'm also near to relatives and friends who live in London and Cambridge which is exciting. I am looking forward to being a long way away from the awful house I have lived in for 2 years, I am looking forward to a fresh start and to leave what has essentially become a toxic place for me over the last year.

I was told yesterday that what I am doing is courageous. I didn't believe it at the time but I've always admired people who leave a familiar place with their closest friends and family behind to do something that is better and feels right with their family. I suppose it is kind of courageous even if I don't feel it.


  1. Best of luck, Hannah! Hope the move goes smoothly and you're all settled in soon xx

  2. I hope the move has gone well and you are all settled soon x

  3. Good luck to you all! It's a big step, but it sounds like the right move for you all. It must be hard leaving Peppa, but it's good to know that she will be well looked after. x

    1. That was honestly the hardest part and I miss her more than anyone haha. Thanks Sarah x

  4. Good luck Hannah, I'm so pleased that you have found happiness and I wish you and your family - both old and new - all the very best for your new life in Kent