Our Summer Holiday Break

So! The summer holidays have been and gone and on Tuesday my little ones went back to school. Over the summer we had a good mixture of being away and doing our own activities. The children have had their own days out and we've had some rest days too. In this post I wanted to share what we got up to, in a nut shell of course!

We kicked off the summer holidays in a rather wonderful way with our cousins wedding. Everyone looked amazing and we all had such a lovely time celebrating with the happy brides. Here's some photos from the wedding which the children enjoyed. I just loved the whole set up!

After seeing family off back in Cornwall we went on our Kent adventures with Martyn. We all had a lovely break and enjoyed getting to know each other. We got a real glimpse of life with 4 children in the house together too. There were several trying parenting days but we definitely all came out of the experience stronger and happier! We visited Rochester Castle grounds for a picnic, stopping off on the way home to buy sweets from an old sweet shop

We made planet's, volcanoes, slime experiemnets (mostly Midge) and made our own lava lamps

We enjoyed the local park on several occasions plus Rochester Castle and picnics.

There was also a visit to the cinema to watch Despicable Me 3

Near the end of our stay we went into Rochester where we looked around local shops and had a delicious end of the holiday pizza express dinner

We were all sad to leave. Mr K drove us to Nottingham on our last day where he stayed at my sister's with us for dinner before heading back home. In Nottingham we celebrated my mum's birthday with a visit to Sherwood Forest and birthday cake.

There were lots of great sculptures to see and little carvings dotted about the walk. I loved the gift shops and seeing the Major Oak; such a magnificent tree. The children loved running about the forest, spotting fairy houses and then buying keepsakes (or in A's case a plastic gold sword) from the gift shop.

Since we've been back in Cornwall we've met up with our friends for a jumping session at our local trampoline park, the children have gone to birthday parties and they at least enjoyed camping (can't say I ever want to go again!)

How's your summer holiday been? 

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