April at The Cupcakes...

Finally it's the 1st of May. April wasn't awful but it wasn't exactly my idea of a good month either. It's taken me every ounce of strength, some wonderful friends and my children to get me through April and I'm keen to look ahead and put April behind me and keep moving forward.

As I said however, April wasn't all bad so here are a few things we got up to:
  • Costa with the Mini Cupcakes
  • Beach cleaning at Porthleven with the little ones, my Mum and Dad
  • Beach fun in Porthleven. Paddling, sand art, running, picnics, sunbathing and photo taking!
  • Dad helped with the beach cleaning!
  • Little A spending time with his Dad at the park doing football practice
  • On a bad day we went trampolining in town with friends, it was tough but the children had a lovely day out with their school friends and I had some distraction

  • We spent Easter at my parents and had plenty of eggs, a roast dinner and  chilled weekend
  • I read some books this month which was nice
  • I did some crafting and put together my postcard frame, I like to swap my postcards around
  • I went to Tehidy Woods twice. Once with my aunt for dog walking, which Peppa loved and once with the school for an all day trip
  • We saw lots of animals, had an outdoors story, walked in mud and saved a few wanderers!
  • I volunteered at school reading, doing phonics, handwriting and just generally being helpful. I'm gutted I have to step down soon thanks to the lovely job centre but I intend on sticking to it for as long as I can, I'm gaining more confidence every time I go in
  • The pooch and I chilled out on my down days, I got a lovely photo of her smiling in her sleep
  • My sister sent me a brand new toaster which is one of the best things I've ever had (I'm serious!)
  • We celebrated Trevithick Day on Saturday 29th April and it was such a great day with the Mini Cupcakes, Mum and Dad. I took plenty of photos and will be doing a separate post so do look out for that!

So that was our April. The children enjoyed our little day trips, they've been doing school stuff and enjoying their outside school clubs too. They're pretty happy and that makes me really happy, I'm doing something right anyway!
May should be a nice month. I have to job search, and visit the dentist and doctors for all my reviews and I start some counselling which I really do need. I also plan on having more Costa mornings with my friends, reading more, Midge is off to London on Wednesday, A starts his football club next week and we have half term at the end of May too!

Hope you've all had a good April, here's to May.

Cupcake Mumma x

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