My Favourite Acts of Kindness and Christian Aid's Big Brekkie 2017

Scrambled egg on toast next to the Big Brekkie logo
Christian Aid Big Brekkie 2017

Any long term readers of Cupcake Mumma will know I'm a huge fan of random acts of kindness, no, any kindness! I firmly believe you put good out into the world and you get that back; in some way, shape, or form, even if it's that warm and wonderful feeling of doing good, it lasts for me throughout the whole day.

I'm helping Christian Aid promote their Big Brekkie 2017 Appeal which takes place between the 14th-20th May 2017. I've not been to one or hosted one before but they sound fab! Sharing together, talking, eating good food and being happy sounds perfect to me! Here's a short video for you to take a peek at and see what it's all about:

"Sharing a meal can bring us together and help break down the barriers between us and this Christian Aid Week, it can do so much more than that. By inviting your friends, family and colleagues to a Big Brekkie fundraising breakfast, you can show love for people living in poverty and suffering injustice around the world. Help fight injustice with a Big Brekkie

Jesus' passion for justice inspired the first Christian Aid Week collectors to come together to raise money for refugees in 1957. Now you can be part of this incredible story of the church in action.

Host your very own Big Brekkie and follow in the footsteps of thousands of Christians who have made a huge impact over the last 60 years."


I wanted to also share some of my favourite acts of kindness which if you feel inspired to do any I would love to see so please do tag me on social media! 

My Favourite Random Acts of Kindness

  • Pay for someone else's parking ticket. I'm not sure you can do it now with the new digital pay and display meters but if you can, pass your ticket on if you still have a fair amount of time left on it
  • Donating to food banks is a great activity to do as a family
  • During special holidays such as Easter and Christmas many supermarkets and even banks have large donation boxes for children's hospices etc I like to add a toy at Christmas and some eggs for Easter
  • Leave books in random places with a kind note. I read some books on anxiety when I had a bad patch. When I returned one of the books I left a note inside with words of comfort and encouragement on which I know I would've loved 
  • Write a letter to someone to tell them how much they mean to you, why they are simply wonderful, especially if you know someone who is having a tough ride right now
  • Plant trees and/or flowers. Be kind to the world too! Pick up litter where you see it (as long as it's not filthy or sharp- be careful!)
  • Call up a friend or family member. Maybe Skype someone you've not seen in a long time for a catch up. When I hear from long distance friends I feel so good.

Before I separated from my husband I also liked to do random acts of kindness for him too, so if you fancy doing any of these with your partner then I hope they love it and you both get happiness from the activities. 

  • Cook you partner their favourite meal
  • Leave notes before you leave for work, or draw something onto the mirror whilst they take a hot shower
  • Run them a nice bath or a hot shower to help them unwind from a hard day 
  • Watch a movie together
  • Plan some time out together in the near future so you both have something to look forward to. Even if it's a walk and a picnic, whatever you're into.
I hope you're inspired to spread some kindness and even host a Big Brekkie to raise some money for Christian Aid and the wonderful work thet do around the world.

Cupcake Mumma

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