Little Man ~ Now You're Six

Sometimes it feels like only yesterday when I think about the day you were born. How you were brought to the surface of the water, my own hands gently guiding you to air. My little boy.

Newborn baby A
Newborn Baby A

You've grown so much in this last year my Little Man. Your speech has just come from no where (actually it's taken the school and your lovely speech therapist a while but you've done so well) I find you as feisty and stubborn as ever. Sometimes I wonder if there's something else to you. I can't quite explain it but sometimes, Little Man you persist where many give up. You question things over and over, I am always afraid to upset you. You remember things that hurt you, upset you or made you sad long after they've happened and we have the same conversations over and over again. You are oblivious to how annoying this can be! I don't know if that's what every other boy does. I know how different we all are.

I enjoy your energy and your curiosity. Your love of animals and babies is wonderful and you make so many people laugh. At school the teachers fall for you, you have nice friends but you let others get away with far too much; all because you are afraid of getting told off (which you hate.)

Tractor boy on the farm
On the red tractor at Paradise Park

Now you're six, little man. I can't lie, I'm glad you're a little older because now we can talk to each other. Now I understand you, what you want, need and feel and there was a long time when you were distressed, sad and very angry and I was lost, stressed and frustrated but now mostly that is gone. You frustrate me in many ways but still I wouldn't trade it for the early days.

Right now, you are getting into football, you are a Mums boy very much. You love penguins and Lego, The Avengers are your favourite toys. You enjoy books but love your tablet with all its silly games. It's difficult to get you off that thing sometimes! You are a kind boy, but very much a little lad too with a wicked sense of humor. Your Dads' humor I would say. Oh and you hate bedtime...It's 9.45pm, you are wide awake messing about, asking questions, up and down the stairs getting a yogurt, a drink, complaining about school, playing with your toy and demanding kisses and hugs..This is you, at six.

I love you my Little A.
Mummy xx


  1. Aww what a lovely post Hannah. Daisy has a memory like that too I'm always amazed at the stuff she remembers. x

  2. Hope he had a great birthday :)

  3. Such a lovely post, hope he had a birthday perfect for him. I'm glad he's calmer now, I know it was a tough time for you x