When Kids Just Won't Share a Room

We've had a problem. A rather frustrating, exhausting, irritating and stupid problem: my kids won't share a bedroom. Reason that's an issue? We only have 2 bedrooms!!

In our old house we had 3 bedrooms and everyone was happy. Mr B and I had more room than we needed and enjoyed it, Midge had her pink stickers and single pink bed in her own sanctuary and A had his bed and room which overflowed with his cars, trains and other random bits. We were happy! Now we've moved and one room is a good size for sharing (ish, we couldn't get their original beds in so had to get a bunk bed) and then we have the single room which is mine and Mr B's...

Or rather it was...

Because my children kept coming down the stairs eleven billion times* after bedtime, because they wound each other up, hit one another, bickered, got giggle fits, had tantrums and all the rest and nothing else has worked (shouting, crying, begging, bribing, confiscating, staggered bedtimes, reward charts, me sat outside on a stool and so on...) I decided enough was enough!

Taken from a stool I sat on until they fell asleep..which they didn't!

Now Midge has her own room again and is happier. Well, she has our double bed, her bedding, she likes my cupcake theme and isn't bothered about collecting her clothes from the other room (there is no room for drawers in the her bedroom) A is happier in a way. He has Mummy and Daddy on the double bed below him and if he has a bad night he's easier to settle.

It's a little odd I'll admit but I'm tired. Mr B needs sleep for his 12 hour shifts as a carer, I need it for my mental health, my role at school and to be a decent human being (read mother) and my children need sleep for obvious reasons!

Now we're all sleeping better I'm looking into getting the rooms done up and moved about. My dad bought the bed from Amazon and it's ace. I'd like to get my book shelf into my room and give Midge some of her possessions back if they'll fit in some how. I still want a reading corner for the children like this one I found on Pinterest in our room, plus some blinds: VELUX do so many styles of blinds. I think we need some more photos on the walls too.I like my photo wall in the lounge so I can't see why I can't do one in the bedrooms!

Have you ever had to change around this dramatically before? Perhaps I'm being a pushover but I guess they've worn down my patience and I'm desperate for sleep and quality time with my husband!

* May be an exaggeration

Cupcake Mumma


  1. Sleep is so important and really whatever works works and you have to go with that. Thanks so much for joining in with #TuesdayTreasures.

  2. oh I can relate, in my last house we had 3 bedrooms, but 5 kids and two of them were very grown up so they needed their own room. In our bedroom we had two toddlers and a baby and very little sleep. Thankfully when we moved we went bigger, with 5 bedrooms. We still have a spare bed in our room for our daughter who just cannot sleep through the night (And we refuse to drug her although the dr offered) You do whatever works, sleep is important.

    1. Thanks Anne, it really is working for us and I've been lifted to hear it's more common than I thought. X