Reasons to be Cheerful #2

Midge had a sleepover last night which was really good fun. We had a few mishaps and a couple of tears from the youngest but once we settled down with food and movies everything went really well. We all painted our nails and watched Secret Life of Pets and Hocus Pocus. I took Little T up to bed but the girls didn't settle until 1am so they'll all be tired today no doubt!

This photo of me and my nieces made me cheerful. It's not very good quality, my phone has always been funny when you turn the camera around but I'll still post it on here because I really like it. There's a funny one on my phone after this one, G and I are the same but Little T who popped the crisp in her mouth isn't because it was a mustard crisp!

I've been volunteering at the children's school and it's be going really well. I'm getting a fairly good insight into what a TA actually does, which is pretty much everything without the tonne of paper work to take home at the end of it! I work really well with the main teacher in the class and have enjoyed working 1-1 with some children helping them with their phonics. I get to change book bags on a Friday which isn't as much fun but being a bit of a hermit I like being on my own so sometimes working on my own suits me. Am I 100% sure on a role as a TA? I'm not sure. I don't like the idea of leading a class on my own when teachers have meetings etc but I guess that's not a case in all schools or perhaps it is and it will something I would be better at than I think. For now, I'm just going to enjoy the volunteering and the experience.

Reading and happy mail
I've read 3 books so far in January, all 3 I have loved. I've got loads of happy mail to catch up on plus 2 new pen pals! I haven't had much time to settle down, plus with the children not settling at night that time hasn't be easy to write in either!

I hope you all have some reasons to be cheerful this week to.

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