June at The Cupcakes

I really thought June was going to be a turn around month weather wise, lots of sun and trips out to enjoy it at the weekend but mostly its been rubbish and muggy, I've not known what to wear and have found it really frustrating at times! We did get some sun and took advantage of that on the school runs well, the children did! I spent several days in the month going through more dental stuff like root canals and fillings which may or may not all be over...watch this space as they say! 

Little A had another ENT appointment and I'm pleased to say he's got some hearing back in one of his ears! This means I have rescheduled his appointment to check his ears again to 3 months time and then we will decide what to do if things haven't improved. We had a little baby hot chocolate before heading to the hospital because we had some time to spare. I took a trip over to see my Aunt in Penzance after her dog had passed away which wasn't much fun obviously but it was lovely to see her and spend time with her even on a gloomy day. 

Chilled out Roo//Root canal time//Penzance//Sticky plant fight!//Costa dates//Dog cuddles// LalaLoopsy prize and a happy Midge

A few days after I visited my aunt I went back with my Mum to gather at hers and head to the local woodlands where we laid her little dog Poppy to rest. She had a lovely headstone, all the dogs made it easier by eating grass, barking, nearly falling into the grave and sleeping in a pushchair! Dogs should be at all funerals that I'm sure of!

I got through some books in June after having a dry spell and met up with some school parents on several occasions to have a Costa and an natter, I won 2 competitions in June but I was happy because my prizes were a new doll for Midge which she loves and 2 packets of huge marshmallows! We celebrated their arrival with s'mores which are a must try if you haven't yet!

Babychino with Roo before the doctors// Snoozing dog// Poppy's headstone// Pretty flowers on a wet day// Caitlin Moran book which I enjoyed// Winning huge marshmallows// S'more making// Roos 'please don't put me to bed' face...

Yummy pudding//Morning me time//Catching the gales from the sunlight//Shopping with Mr B// Midge's gorgeous new pink unicorn jumper// Mr B in Costa// Girl time!// Newly painted nails

During the end of June Mr B had some time off so he treated me to a lovely breakfast after we dropped the children off then a Costa after some shopping. I finally bought Midge the unicorn jumper we had both been after for ages hoping it would go on sale for a cheaper price and it did! It's beautiful. We had a picky tea for his weekend off and Midge and I have had some bonding girl time painting nails and talking about school, friends and all sorts of other things.

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