Reasons to be Cheerful: Goodbyes and Quality Time

I'm going to start with something that probably doesn't sound particularly cheerful. I went with my Aunt and Mum to say goodbye to her little Jack Russel Terrior Poppy. She's been with us all for 18 years and I have some wonderful memories of her as do a lot of our family. The reason im including it this week is because saying goodbye to her was a lovely day. Despite the rain we took the dogs to the Woodland where both people and animals are buried, words were said and we all had a toast in her honor. My Aunt never had children; she has felt content with so many nieces (and a few nephews!) but her dogs have always been a huge part of her life, so much so I call them her 'fur babies.' We said goodbye to one of her little fur babies in a wonderful way.

Mr B has had his supervision week at work and has settled in really well. He's now meds trained, unsupervised and fitting in well. Another bonus is he's happier and was even more so on when his redundancy came through!

I've had some quality time with both my Little Ones recently. Midge had a day off a week ago because of her ear infection so we had cake in a cafe together and a hot drink then a few days later A had his hearing test, so before we went to the hospital we had the same treat and it was lovely for me to get that time with my little ones on separate occasions. I've also had a breakfast out with Mr B on his day off before collecting A for his dental trip. 

I think we would agree it's been a pretty tough couple of weeks news wise. The weather has been miserable (although nice today at last!) and I have been missing Mr B as I adjust to his longer hours and random nights he stays over night at his sisters which is easier for work on a Sunday. It just shows that even in the hard times, in the dark times, we can find happiness if we look hard enough.

What have you been cheerful about this week?

Cupcake Mumma

Reasons to be Cheerful
10 comments on "Reasons to be Cheerful: Goodbyes and Quality Time"
  1. Glad saying good bye was a celebration! Its great Mr B is getting on so well at work too.
    Quality time with children on their own is so precious. Thanks for joining in :-)

    1. I love a nice send off :) not in a morbid way of course! Thanks for hosting :)

  2. Sorry about little Poppy. R.I.P.

  3. That one on one time with the kids is so important, isn't it? So glad Mr B is settling in at work too, but not that it can be longer hours without him. Mich x

    1. They're so important aren't they? And a lot of fun :) x

  4. Sorry about Poppy, but glad she got a good send off, I hope it helped x

  5. Sorry to hear about Poppy. One on one time with kids sounds lovely. I'm glad Mr B is settling well in work, it must be very strange him staying away overnight! xx

    1. It was lovely. It's really odd him being away, luckily it's not for long or very often!! Thank you, she was a lovely pooch! xx


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