Catch Up Time!

Hello Strangers!

Actually it's definitely me who is the stranger isn't it? I have so many posts stuffed in this draft folder it's unreal but I'm hoping I'll pull my finger out and get all of them up and out real soon! I haven't been particularly busy, I've been catching up with my letter writing and I've devoured 3 books, I read one in 2 hours and a Tudor novel in a day, I was very impressed with myself! 

I've been on a few walks which has been nice and most importantly Mr B has had 5 days off work this week so we have had some lovely time together. I found it so hard not to nag him about sitting down when I was doing housework but I was really good and remembered he was on holiday and that I was doing my usual routine anyway. Besides, he put up a coat hook set that has been sat in our cupboard for over a year, fixed the blind and the bed plus he put up the new net for the trampoline so I cannot possibly complain really.

We had a pretty good February and I'm looking forward to March, although I have several dental appointments that are filling me with dread. Excuse the pun! It's been so nice to see spring poking its head out despite some pretty heavy rain and hail that's been going on! I've picked some dafs from the side of the road and enjoyed getting some fresh air on the dog walk. I was so happy when I saw the horses had been brought back to the fields near us! There has been so much building work they've been gone for well over a year and they are my connection to the countryside, the woods are too far and then it's just town and rows and rows of housing, I grew up in the country and I often pine for it, I need it so I am really pleased to see this field being occupied by them again. I just hope all the building work doesn't mean they move on again (or that all the blackberries we love to pick will have disappeared!)

So I have some posts planned, I want to share my 5 favourite posts from February, all my bargains freebies and prizes as usual,  our World Book Day costumes plus what we got up to last month and  a giveaway! If there's anything you'd like to see on the blog please let me know!

Cupcake Mumma