What We've Been Up To...Weeks 1&2

Hello all, I haven't dropped off the planet, I've been a bit unmotivated when it comes to, well, anything to be honest, then I fell ill with this horrid cold which is now starting to clear thank goodness but the idea of staring at a bright laptop screen just hasn't appealed to me for several days.

I wanted to post a catch up of our first 2 weeks into 2016 which I hope to continue throughout the year whenever I have time. I have some reviews coming up which I'm looking forward to writing up and some other posts are sat in my draft folder waiting to be finished, so lots to come on Cupcake Mumma. For now though, I hope the first couple of weeks has been good for you all and while I'm at it, let me know what you've been up to (and what you think of the new blog design!)

Week 1

The trouble with typing these posts up late is that it's hard to remember exactly what you've been up to! The children went back to school on January 4th and they both had a great first week back. Midge has been doing some drawing competitions which is really good for her confidence plus she's learning it's great to win but we can't win everything all the time. I love her under the sea picture.

I've spent a lot of time with the pooch lately, she may be replacing the children since they are at school all day! She's had a lovely new collar bought for her, we've had plenty of snuggles too. I spent the first week of January doing some drawing, seeing my Gran and her new rescue dog again and I bought myself a new book too. I may have also had the first English breakfast of very many in the first week of 2016 as well!

Week 2

I can be more clearer on week 2- Hurrah! The week was a total wash out weather wise so it's been thick coats, welly boots and wrapping up warm on the school runs. Everything has turned into mulch and mud (including my poor back garden which will need some serious TLC come Spring!) I did see a lovely rainbow at the beginning of the week that I just had to capture. I also wanted to kick Monday up the butt by taking the Mini Cupcakes for a quick charity shop browse and a surprise meal out instead of more boring home cooking after school!

The rest of the week I spent doing a lot of housework and a lot of party prep. I made my own Olaf for Midge's 8th Frozen inspired birthday party which happened on the 16th January. I was quite pleased with my little attempt at a pin the carrot on Olaf and the children loved him! I spent yet more time cuddling the pooch, baking biscuits, cakes and the main birthday cake of course (which I'm oh so proud of) I also met up with the very lovely Stevie from A Cornish Mum in Truro where I enjoyed learning some new blogging things, catching up, browsing books and clothes and enjoying a huge breakfast at a new to me cafe (that I now have to take all of my family to)

After doing all the food and shopping Saturday came around and I was ready to give Midge a lovely Frozen themed party. Her cousins came and 2 friends from school. We did some face painting, ate lots of sugary, yummy party food, played pass the parcel, enjoyed putting carrots on Olaf and having lots of fun in general. Nobody was left out, there were no tears and there wasn't really much mess either! Midge had a wonderful time. On Sunday my parents came over for a family roast dinner which is pretty traditional with our birthdays. Midge opened her gifts, had a wonderful day and enjoyed more birthday cake. I really cannot believe she is now 8 years old!

Cupcake Mumma

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  1. Looks like you have had a lovely couple of weeks! Gone with the wind is my favourite book! I really want to read it again. Well done on Midge's cake, I can make nice cakes but I have no decorating skills AT ALL! It looks like she had a lovely birthday! xx