Turning 26..

Gosh that's so young still isn't it? I do feel slightly older than that and it's only because I've always been quite mature, I make friends with women who are older than myself and yes let's face it, 2 kids does age you slightly! All in all though I know I'm still so young with so much more to do. I'm not quite sure what it is I'm meant to do yet..I've never had a career in mind, I've never got any other qualifications other than my GCSEs and I've never had a single clue at all what it is I want to do in life. I'm kind of waiting for my calling I guess..I know that's not really all that possible, next year I pretty much need to find work, although Mr B is happy for me to stay home I do need to do something. Next year I'm going to sort my provisional license so I can volunteer in school, I love the little ones, but you can keep year 2 upwards!

Anyway, I turned 26 last week and I believe it was the first time I'd ever been away on holiday and had my birthday. Mr B cooked me breakfast and I helped him bake my cake but after that he was on his own! I blew my candles out after breakfast and we had late morning birthday cake!

I spent my day with the 3 people I love most in the world and we had a lovely day out at the zoo. There were zebras, monkeys, big cats, farm animals, lions, penguins and more. I loved seeing Roo fall in love with all these animals. He doesn't like crowds of people so we came back to see the Penguins after feeding time was over with and he made me very nervous hanging off the wall!

We found an obstacle course and a tube slide near the zebras and both the children made me laugh when they insisted a baby tapir was a donkey! We had such a nice day together, it was a nice way to spend my birthday although now I'm older the day goes quicker and it doesn't really feel like my birthday. I wish that wasn't so, I still get very excited by birthdays!

I ended the day all snuggled up on the sofa eating chips from the on site cafe. Can't beat some chips after a busy day! I'll leave you with some photos :)

Cupcake Mumma


  1. Im glad that you had a lovely birthday Hannah,the cake looked delicious! We had many birthday celebrations at Trevella,my middle son is an August birthday and we regularly used to spend his birthday at Trevella xx

  2. Looks like you had a lovely day celebrating, I'm heading to 26 in a few weeks too, don't know why but I am thinking it is old as it's nearing 30 and apart from the children and hubby I still feel I've not done much in life and like you am still waiting on my calling job wise too, but age is just a number I guess! x

  3. Happy Birthday!! And yes age is just a number, at my age I've definitely learned that. I think there's almost too much choice these days and fear about getting it wrong - I really see that with my 23 year old xx

  4. Oh my gosh I cannot believe you are only 26 you have never ever seemed it. Yep I would say keep above year 2 too ha ha. I can imagine you doing that line of work though. Don't worry you'll loudly get your calling when the time is right xx