Trevella Park in Autumn ~ A Review

I have been kindly offered to return to Trevella park this year and review the park plus some of Cornwall's attractions and see what we all think. It's great to come here at a different time of year. When we last came we were holidaying in the summer, Little A was 2! You can read that review here, it was a great time so returning is just wonderful. I've decided to write this blog as a type of diary, so each day I'll write about our day, a different way of reviewing!

Monday 26th
Today we arrived at Trevalla Park, all very excited despite the rain. We are situated in The Meadow which is a lovely area to be, and it appears to be host to the dog friendly caravans on the park which I have to add as lots of people have asked about the park and rules on dogs. Our caravan feels slightly smaller than last time but it is cosy, it's a 2 bed luxury caravan with plenty of heating and actually pretty spacious given that there is an eating area and a large sofa plus generous storage space. We brought our own food but yet again there are plenty of things I appear to have forgotten! It's okay though because there is an on site shop. We are using it for top ups and those items we forgot to bring from home.

The children have been incredibly excited despite arriving to pouring rain. We had trouble with our TV but a member of staff sorted this straight away and so CBeebies is going to be viewed this evening! We have just enjoyed a simple sausage, mash and peas all cooked easily in the caravan with all kitchen equipment provided by the park.
Tomorrow we are heading to Newquay zoo! I've been using the App for Cornwall to check what attractions are near by as we are using taxis and I've found this app to be really useful. You can also find places to eat and other things too, it's worth checking out and downloading if you're visiting Cornwall. Using it, I've been able to see entry prices of the attractions we want to visit which is very handy as my Internet isn't working great here and it saves me using my 3G for ages looking on line!
Right now though, I'm going to put the children to bed in the same room and Mr B and I will chill on the sofa having cake and watching television. It won't be long before we go and enjoy our rather comfortable bed in our warm room!

Tuesday 27th

Slight change of plan today! Because of the pouring rain we have decided to head to the Blue Reef Aquarium. We've just had breakfast and showers, it took me a while to get my shower to be as hot as I like but once I looked properly I was in shower heaven! We were up pretty early this morning so time has gone very slow, it's okay though because I've got lots to do before leaving for our day trip!

We had an amazing time at the Blue Reef Aquarium in Newquay, it's a small aquarium and as it's half term was pretty busy but we had an enjoyable hour or so there. We booked our tickets online which meant it was slightly cheaper and brought our own lunch with us too. Before the aquarium we went to the beach, which the aquarium overlooks and it was so good to feel that soft sand. Check out our lunch view below.

We drew pictures and wrote our names in the sand ticking off one of the 70 Great Adventures in Cornwall on Trevellas website.

Then we enjoyed seeing the fish, sharks, turtles, frogs and various other creatures at Blue Reef Aquarium. I'm going to do a separate post on our trip so look out for that.

Once we were dropped back to the site (we don't drive so used 2 taxi firms, getting to the town cost us £7.00 each way. It certainly limits the activities you can choose because we can't afford to go very far) I nipped into the shop and then watched Midge and Little A play on the parks play equipment. Both are big fans of the tractor! I also checked out the Rangers activities for the rest of the week which were written up by reception.

Now I'm chilling with my hot chocolate and enjoying the peace. Despite seeing a lot of dogs around The Meadow you hardly hear them at all which is obviously a good thing. We had sunshine from 12pm, maybe earlier and the evening is lovely tonight as opposed to last night! Tomorrows plans are breakfast, crazy golf, on site party and then a spooky walk at 5pm!

Wednesday 28th
What a day! We started with crazy golf in the late morning (FYI I won!) that was 50p each and I have a feeling the cheapest activity will be the favourite one! We all had a laugh anyway. After crazy golf we headed back for lunch and to get ready for the Halloween party being hosted at the cafe. Little A wore his power ranger suit but Midge unfortunately left all her dress up at home. They still had fun at the play area, playing pin the boo on the ghost, getting a face paint and eating cupcakes. We didn't win the raffle but I got some lovely bits at the table top sale and all the money went to a good cause. There were some fab pumpkins on display too:

In the evening we wrapped ourselves up for the spooky walk. We were early so went to see the rabbits, degus and Ollie the owl. We got to go in Ollie's cage! It was wonderful seeing him fly over for his food.

Then we joined some other families for a short circuit of the woods. All but Mr B got suitably spooked by the dressed up staff! We loved the pumpkins dotted around and the hanging ghosts! I could tell the staff thoroughly enjoyed their Halloween roles! To warm up we bought chips from the on site cafe which were really good. For £2 a portion they were generous and the ideal ending for a busy day!

Thursday 29th
It's my birthday! I've had a big cooked breakfast, my lovely cake and opened my gifts in bed. Looking forward to trying out my new wellies in the woods later and going to the zoo!

We have had a great day. I'm writing this tucking into more chips and feeling totally shattered. We had a little walk this morning then headed off to the zoo. I was given a press pass for 2 adults so after we paid for the children we were off on our zoo adventure! We saw zebras, fossa, lions, lots of birds, penguins, frogs and a lovely racer snake too. There was so much more there to look at as well. Little A enjoyed it the most I think but we all had a great time and spent all day there. I would recommend bringing your own packed lunch though, the cafe is so incredibly busy and high priced but I will say I thought their food was tasty. I had a good look round the gift shop which was full of great cuddly toys, nick knacks and games. We're now at home snuggled under blankets and all feeling a bit sad it's our last night here. We've had a great time though.

We had such a wonderful time at Trevella Park and hope to go back next year. I wondered what we would get up to at this time of year but I'm pleased to say, as you can see we were not short of things to do. A big thanks to Trevella park who provided us with accommodation for our stay.

* We were provided with a 2 bed luxury caravan by Trevella Park for our stay. I also received a press pass to check out some of Cornwall's attractions which we used at Newquay Zoo but we paid for the Blue Reef Aquarium. I was also asked to review the App for Cornwall which I have mentioned within this post. This is a free app available to download now.

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