Our Week that Was ~ Week 35

Another week and it was the last one of October. Last week was half term and we spent 4 days of it at Trevella Park. On Monday we finished packing up and tidying the house. My mother in law collected Peppa and then my aunt arrived to collect us! We arrived just after half 3 to our home for the half term. We settled in pretty quick. Mr B checked out the on site shop and cafe while the children and I battened down the hatches for a rough night! Our first night wasn't great because I'm not used to the noise and A was unsettled (as expected away from his room and bed).

It's okay though because on Tuesday we all got showered and dressed and headed to Newquay. We lunched on the beach, drew in the sand then went to the aquarium. We all loved the aquarium, I want to visit the Plymouth one next year I think. I loved the turtles and the fire bellied frogs, Mr B loved the Sharks and giant turtle, Lils loved the sea horses and turtles and A loved the Sharks and getting splashed by the ray! On Wednesday we went to a Halloween party and on a spooky walk at the park which was great fun. We also played crazy golf in the morning which was really good fun for us all. Wednesday was the best day of the holiday for us all I think!

On Thursday it was my birthday! I opened my cards in bed and my presents. I got notebooks, decorations for our home, new welly boots and a hamper of yummy goodies from my Gran and Aunt. I may have sneaked a free from rocky road slice for breakfast. We sorted a taxi in the late morning and headed off to Newquay Zoo for the day.

At the zoo we saw loads of different animals, the children got to pat the goats, we saw the zebras and lions and the Penguins being fed. I checked out the gift shop and bought the most adorable little teddy plus some postcards (naturally) which I am very happy with. We ate out at the cafe (Mr B wasn't happy, he thinks you need a mortgage to eat at these places, he is kinda right to be fair!) and after our long but fun day we went back to the caravan for chips and birthday cake. I also had to sadly start packing for our early leave the following day.

Over the weekend we unpacked and did all the boring chores you have to do. The children dressed up for Halloween and Mr B took them out to the neighbours for trick or treating while I stayed home to dish out some of our sweets. As I get older I find I'm getting more mixed emotions about many things and one of them is Halloween which I've always loved! The children had a great time anyway and we also made cupcakes for our pudding, yum!

If you've blogged about your week, share it with me in the comments below!

Cupcake Mumma

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  1. It sounds like half term was fun and busy. I agree with Mr B,you do need a mortgage to eat out anywhere these days,isnt it amazing how even a few items add up! x