Freeing my Boobs with Mish Lingerie and Panache! #FreeTheSqueeze

About a week ago now I was invited to attend a blogger event here in Cornwall by Mish Lingerie with Panache. I was super excited to be invited and couldn't wait to find out more. We were to have a talk about Mish Lingerie and Panache, see some beautiful underwear and swimwear by Panache which Mish stocks and then see some more underwear in their upcoming Autumn/Winter range. We were also told to look forward to a Cornish lunch and a professional fitting! I was concerned that no bra would fit  being a 36B (or so I thought!) but after I checked online I knew they'd carry ranges for the smaller busted woman as well.

The day arrived and I was collected from the station by Stevie aka A Cornish Mum. We quickly clicked and had a nice chat before finding Mish Lingerie without too much trouble. Inside I met Mish and her fab team, Zehra who was there to represent Panache (and who did my bra fitting) and the other ladies attending the event ranging from bloggers and WI members to willing volunteer models! 

First Zehra spoke about Panache, which was first established in 1982 and has grown massively over the years. We started by looking at one of its ranges. (Panache has many ranges including Panache Black, Cleo by Panache, Sculptresse and Panache Swim) The Panache Sports bra has won several awards in 2012 and 2013. Mish talked about how comfortable they are as a wearer herself and demonstrated their fit and flexibility. You can read Sam's post about Panache Sports Bras below. These sports bras go up to a H cup but are going up to a J cup for the A/W range. There are now more colours to choose from and I liked the racer back style for more support. There is now also a sports swimsuit available too!

Next we got to view some lovely swimwear and lingerie both available and some sneak previews of the A/W range coming soon. All the lingerie looked very supportive and pretty! I'd like to say a big thank-you to these lovely ladies for modelling the lingerie for us, everyone had great fun and it was great to look at the underwear and swimwear on women that are more my size and not airbrushed. 

Penny in Cleo by Panache Lucille Bandeau bikini I really loved this bikini, was one of my favourite items on the day.

Bikini Elle by Panache modelled by Jocelyn  and  tankini being modelled by Claire. Hidden bra in the tankini to give you that extra support and confidence.

Nautical swimwear Claire in a bikini (you can move the bow!) and Penny showing off the tankini. Claire in a longline bra. I nearly bought a Panache longline bra but went with my t-shirt bra instead! They are very comfy. All sets to come!

Tallulah by Panache Swimsuit with bra for that extra support!

The ladies showing off the coming soon Autumn/Winter range. 1) Tango bra and knickers 2) Kitty by Sculptresse with high wasted knickers. Gorgeous colour 3) Cleo Baby doll, beautiful. All by Panache.
Mish spoke to us about her store in Bodmin and we had a chance to ask some questions. Mish then spoke to us about bras in general and in particular about fitting and caring for our bras. A few things I picked up, about 80% of women are most likely wearing the wrong bra, Mish reckons by their experience this could be more like 90% which is sadly not surprising!

When wearing your bra you should not feel like it is extremely tight. The band should not ride up your back and if you can fit your whole hand between your band and back then you need to get it checked! Your boobs should not be squashed, your straps shouldn't pinch you and you should be able to only lift them about an inch- so if yours reaches your ears, again, get those boobs fitted! A woman's body changes many times in her life and anything from medication, breastfeeding, pregnancy, losing weight, gaining weight, hormones can change the size of your boobs so it's important to get fitted properly if you notice any of the above. As for bra care, avoid washing bras in the washing machine, especially moulded ones. Instead, opt for washing in the shower!

After lunch (which was yummy!) we had a bra fitting. The lovely Zehra fitted me. So here's the moment you were all waiting for yes? I walked into the event wearing a horrible looking 36B bra and came out a...34DD! The difference! I think all of us were wearing the wrong size and we all left feeling pretty chuffed with our new sizes and with the knowledge we were going to be supported and more comfortable in future!

I'd like to say a big thank you to Mish and all her staff at Mish Lingerie for inviting me, catering for me and for their gifted items (which will be blogged soon), also to Panache for their goodie bag, fitting and for making beautiful lingerie!

Goodie Bag!

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Cupcake Mumma


  1. Some lovely looking bras and bikinis. Nice that they use real women as models. So you can see that they can make any woman look lovely - curves and all. #picknmix

    1. I loved seeing the items on the women it was much easier to picture the items on myself! X

  2. I would have LOVED to have gone to this! I love the nautical theme swimwear and the floral one alongside those! The floral one especially would be perfect for me, looks so comfy! I'd heard of their sports bras before actually, they sound so good! Perhaps when I have a little money coming in I'll be making some purchases...especially of that beautiful baby doll!!

    Wish I could have joined you, my boobs definitely need measuring!


    1. You'd look lovely in a longline bra you'd pass it off as a top to be honest! Another girl there could as well you would've loved her (shut the frock up) mum wants to go to the store so save some pennies you'll at least get a free fitting :) xxx

  3. It was a fab event wasn't it?! I definitely need to pop back again soon to stock up my underwear drawer as it looks dire now after the sets we were shown :) Sorry I'm so late commenting had a ridiculous week, so still playing catch up and #PicknMix opens again tomor + Ten Things is on Saturday! Eek!

    Stevie xx

    1. It was a great day I enjoyed doing the write up just waiting for the sets to arrive so I can blog them such lovely underwear! Hope your week has been better this week x

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