#Paperhaul Box 6!

I am in love. Every month I look forward to my #Paperhaul monthly subscription box and I always get so excited to see the theme revealed! I avoid the hashtag and sneak previews on the internet all in order to not ruin the surprise for myself! (Anyone else?) Here is Junes' rather wonderful and rather tasty box!

#Paperhaul always has a quality themed washi tape which is easily one of my favourite items in the boxes. I love the stripes on this months offering and think it'll bring a nice bit of colour to my happy mail this summer.

Postcards are my other love. I have a suitcase dedicated to my postcard collection so every month I look forward to seeing what postcards I'm getting to add to my collection. This months cards are simplistic, bold and yummy!

I love this months scrap papers. I have quite a collection now this is my sixth #Paperhaul box and I'm saving them up for that day when I decide to get that scrap book out and do some sticking! I love both sides of the papers this month so it's going to be a tough choice (or a half and half job!)

Milkshakes and Pudding. Yum
There are always 2 unique and high quality cards in a #Paperhaul box, plus 3 smaller cards all of which come with their own envelopes. All cards are totally blank and ready for your personal messages.

Pink lolly sure to make one of my pen friends hungry!

My favourite card this month

Beautiful mini cards. I'm sure they're water colour?
These gift tags remind me the Magnum ice creams! I love these and can't wait to use them for several upcoming birthdays and a gift swap.

Finally another one of my all time favourite stationery items: stickers! You always get a set of stickers to suit the theme of the box as well as two easy to peel larger stickers which are fab for brightening up those boring parcels.

I adore every item in this box but my favourite items are definitely the selection of ice cream stickers, the bold ice cream cone postcard and the washi tape. Do you subscribe to #Paperhaul? What were your favourite items from this months box? If you don't subscribe (you're missing out!) you can do so here!

I am part of a group of bloggers who get a slight discount for reviewing a monthly #Paperhaul box. All opinions and photos are, as usual, my own.

Cupake Mumma

A Cornish Mum


Unknown said...

All those pictures of ice cream are really making me want one now in this heat! x

Hannah said...

Ha ha they are rather tempting! X

Steph said...

I've never heard of these before, but they sound tempting! although the pictures of ice cream just make me want ice cream haha.
Steph | www.raisingemily.net

Stevie - A Cornish Mum said...

Oh these are just too cute! I shouldn't look at stationery posts as I have a bad enough addiction as it is without adding temptation ;) Looking forward to meeting you on Wednesday lovely!!! ;) Thanks for linking up to #PicknMix Fridays,

Stevie x

Unknown said...

This is gorgeous! I hadn't heard of Paperhaul before, but it looks great, I'll need to look into the subscription boxes. I recently bought a few lovely things in Paperchase, I love their washi tape too. :) x

Unknown said...

Ooh these are lovely, I've never heard of Paperhaul before. I do love subscription boxes, opening them and seeing what is inside is so much fun. Thanks for linking to #PickNMix @ www.mummyandmonkeys.com

Hannah said...

It's a wonderful box, i highly recommend it (and not just because i blog about it!) x

Hannah said...

I love washi tape too, always good to have a collection! I do love the box i must admit. x

Hannah said...

Haha this box did make me rather hungry!!

Hannah said...

Haha use the box as a way to hold back on buying anymore things when i'm out! x

Claire said...

Hannah, love the papers. What do you usually do with them? Are you a scrapbooker?

Hannah said...

I keep them back for my memory book so I guess you could say it's similar :)