What We've Been Up To...

For the last couple of weeks we've had lots of appointments with Little A and a lot of school things going on. There are school plays coming up, more meet the teacher days and more settling in sessions to come- it's all rather exciting (if a little hectic!) Although it's been busy and although Little A has been getting on great, we are having a pushing boundaries phase on top of some self regulating problems at home. Nothing too bad, it's just that it can all get a bit stressful! We have had fun though! Here are some photos of our last couple of weeks!

Fun purple star biscuits// Very happy little ones with their baking// Homemade fish with chips for dinner by Mr B// Back tickles for A// Walking to school together// Digger mad!// Walking over hills and in between daisies after a day out swimming// Cheeky biscuit in Costa// Baby chino!

My #Paperhaul box arrived!// Happy tasty mail// I actually had a night without Little A in my bed!// Hill top pose// The Moon, Mars and Jupiter// Little A out with his Mumma on a breakfast date// Summery card from #Paperhaul// Cupcakes// My new score on the TOTS100 which made me smile

I've also been carrying on from my #30dayswild and taken many more photos of nature. Here's a few favourites from my week:

I hope you've been all enjoying some sunshine and nature too despite how hectic our lives can be! Next week we meet Little A's reception teachers properly, will enjoy a teddy bears picnic, hopefully go to the local pool again and buy our holiday train tickets!

Cupcake Mumma