Dear So and So

Dear Nursery,

Thanks for letting me hang out today with some of the class and a few other mums on your trip to the woods. I know I volunteered but it's still great to feel useful and have fun with the children. I enjoyed helping them splash in the river, talking to a quiet little one and felt really positive when I could see she wasn't happy being wet and soggy, we picked flowers instead, it was lovely. I look forward to Monday!

Mrs Brooker

Dear Little A,

I wish you could slow down a bit. Having spent time around your classmates today I can see how far you've come, you speak better now than you ever did before and I'm so proud! People said to me "oh when he starts talking you'll just want him to stop," something said in jest was quite offensive to me and I still feel the same, communicating with you is easier than it's ever been, I'm so pleased, never stop talking to me!

Love you Baba Roo
Mumma xxxx

Dear Hubby

Thank you for my breakfast in bed this morning. You surprised me despite just having done a night shift. I really did love my surprise. Thank you.

Love Hannah xxxx

Dear Costa,

Sooo it's been 9 days since I popped in to see you. Finally I can say I don't miss my weekly Costa! I will still drop in, I love the hot chocolates and I love the staff in store so I could never stay away. I just can't come as often as I used to. It's not you, it's me (okay it's a little you, I mean you're not cheap are you?) but I will totally fix up a time to pop by one day. Maybe..

Ex Costa addict

Dear Readers,

Thank you for reading as always, I've loved the increase in comments on the blog recently, it's really made me smile.
Why not pop along and read what the lovely Michelle has written this week at Mummy From the Heart? I'm really pleased Michelle has brought Dear So and So back, it was a fun link up for me when I first started blogging 4 years ago (phew!)

Cupcake Mumma x


  1. I love this post, your hubbie sounds like a diamond and I really love the note to Little A, it is hard when peopel say things about our kids. I have it with 2 of mine, they are total whirlwinds but I see the progress them make and adore them anyway. Mich x

  2. Love this post. Love that you enjoyed helping at nursery, that A has come on so far, love him! A* for smelly getting you breakie in bed. ❤ you guys xx

  3. Love all of your letters. I am also giving Costa a wide birth. The words "insufficient funds" on the cashpoint yesterday may have something to do with it. Love your post. Liska xx