Weigh, Lose or Stay ~ Week 2

I was really pleased with myself this week! I've eaten really well (bar the fairy cakes I inhaled and the generous handful of fruit pastilles I ate) I'm not one for ruling things out. You put rules on me like that and I'm eating the whole of Tesco you know what I mean?

Anyway, I concentrated on my food last week and I'm so pleased to have found a new love of adding good things to my breakfasts and trying a couple of new recipes too. I even had a smoothie this week (which looked like vomit so I spared Instagram that image) it did however taste delicious!

Exercise was always going be an unlikely event last week, mainly because I've been PMS'ing and looking about 4 months pregnant, although the good food has helped enormously! I haven't indulged in junk food (bar the above mentioned) so the evil mood and bloating hasn't lasted as long as usual. 

So this week is about continuing my good eating progress and putting some working out into my daily routine. I have the time and hopefully feel like I have more energy. It'll be very simple. I've finally accepted this has to be a slow process for me, I mustn't expect fast results and get fed up and binge as a consequence.

I've not done any measurements, I can't be bothered right now to be honest, I'm kind of going by how I feel and look rather than numbers! I shall post week 3 on Friday! I'm also linking up with Fitness Tuesday with Fitness4Mamas!

If you're trying to lose weight or keep yourself healthy, head to Laura's blog where I look forward to reading and commenting!

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  1. Well done for your first week. Slow but sure is a good way to work, Hannah, I am steadily losing about a half a pound a week, which doesn't seem much but it mounts up over time, and doesn't involve massive lifestyle changes, I still have alcohol at the weekends.
    Joy x x

  2. Well done, your food looks delicious. I couldn't diet without numbers, but I know some people found it unhelpful. I look forward to seeing how you progress :) x

  3. Continuing good eating habits is so hard to do! I feel like I'm so cyclical with my eating habits... two weeks super healthy, one week so so, one week I crash and eat a bag of chocolate. haha. :p

    I'd like to invite you to enter my birthday giveaway!! (US addresses only though.) See you on my bloggie soon!