Imagination ~ A to Z challenge

As a child I had a great imagination. I thought I saw Father Christmas, I played awesome role play games with my siblings, I could pretend quite easily I had an invisible friend (George) and my beloved dog Holly who passed away would walk next to me when I was at school (only in my head of course!) As I've grown up I've lost a lot of imagination. Even for simple things to be honest. I love watching my children use theirs now, it makes me so warm inside. Twigs can be swords, trees are horses, they role play all kinds of games in their minds and talk to themselves (of course to them they're playing an ace game all alone, but to us they're just shut in a room with thin air- see, no imagination ha ha!)

The reason I'm writing all this is because Midge has been asked to imagine what the tooth fairy looks like and what she does with all our teeth. Below is a picture she has drawn and I've labelled and I've written exactly what she's said to me. First, my turn. I want to use my imagination a bit too. Tooth fairies were the only things that kept me happy as a child when I'd lose a tooth or had a wobbly one. Now I hate anything to do with teeth, dentists anything at all! I wonder how it changed?

Anyway, The tooth fairy to my mind is very small, with white sparkly wings, blond hair, a small white bag for her teeth (she shrinks the teeth she collects) She wears a very sparkly white dress and has pale skin. She takes the teeth and cleans them up until they're dazzling white and adds them to her castle. There, that's made me feel warm and fuzzy!

Here's Midges take on the tooth fairy-

The tooth fairy is as small as mouse and wears a little pink dress. She has a magic wand that she uses to shrink my teeth and she swaps it for money (sometimes a £1!) She puts the small tooth into her purse and then when she gets home she cleans it up and uses it to build bridges, castles, houses and paths in her fairy land!

Cupcake Mumma