Great First Week of Easter Holidays ~ Week 14 ~ AtoZChallenge

Oh we've had a lovely first week of the Easter holidays. We are now on week 2 and I doubt you'll get the same photos as last week! We started Monday by going to Penzance to visit several fellow Mums and their children. We had chips, popcorn, chatted and laughed and more. The children played wonderfully and even had a little egg hunt around the house (which was a converted chapel and stunning may I add!) we all enjoyed our train journey to and from Penzance.

On Tuesday I took the children to town to pick up a parcel and then they tagged along for my nurses appointment at the! They were rewarded by a lunch out in Weatherspoons and daddy arrived after work which was a lovely surprise.
Wednesday was a day of rest for me! We literally did very little a part from movies and playing inside with cars, trains and what not. Okay I observed more than join in but you know...Thursday oh wow I read a whole book in one day, I was so proud of myself! Midge went to my Mums' to stay for two nights. She baked Easter cupcakes and had cat cuddles plus more adventures with my sister who is down at the moment.

Train journey// Playing nicely// Easter egg hunt success// Lunch out// Catching up with Kat and Baby T via skype// Big breakfast// Book I read in one day// Banana cake- yum!

Friday was pamper day! Midge and my sister both got their nails done while my Mum and I went and had back and neck massages (very nice, shame the effects didn't last longer though!) It was very relaxing and a welcome change from home. Midge went back with Mum and I went home to cook a spag Bol which I devoured. Turkey mince is so good for the record.

On Saturday Little A and I just chilled out together waiting for Midge to come home. They played together for ages and I cooked a little while they were both entertained! I watched Friends today and caught up on TV. The weather wasn't great so we didn't get to watch Jay play football, hopefully will this Saturday. Sunday was lovely, you can read about it here. A whole afternoon at my Gran's house with all the family (nearly all, my brother is still up country) it was a great day with adventure and good food.

Easter cupcakes by Midge// New socks!// My sister getting pampered// Midge's turn!// Hot chocolate in a favourite mug// Easter eggs!// Easter muffin// On the way to Penzance for family time// Paddling

Cupcake Mumma 


  1. Great photos, I hope you're enjoying this week too especially as we have the sun!!

  2. Sounds like you had a good week :) I've been loving how sunny Cornwall has been, just a shame it ended today, but at least it was nice for quite a while!
    Stevie x

    1. Yes it's been so chilly today but lately we've all enjoyed getting out in the sun :) x