Fifty Reasons to Smile ~ A-Z Challenge

Something a little different today, a list post and a list of 50 things that make me smile which also happens to be on my 101 in 1001 days list that I haven't quite finished writing in my journal just yet!

1 My children

2 My husband

3 Good food and clean water everyday

4 My children go to a really good school

5 Books and reading

6 Writing- letters, diaries, my blog anything. Just being able to write.

7 I'm healthy

8 Lowering my dose of anxiety tablets is going well

9 I'm planning days out with my eldest girl

10 I'm doing a pretty good job at being a mum

11 Our sunflowers are growing wonderfully

12 Plans to see one of my best friends are hopefully materialising

13 Eating meat again has made me feel better. I'm not sure I needed it per say but I like having it in my diet after so many years

14 My Gran is doing so well after her knee op and pacemaker fitting

15 I'm enjoying my blogging again

16 I've realised I have to do something to move on in my life (elusive one there!)

17 My friend is having an awesome once in a life time trip and I'm happy for her

18 Another friend is due her second baby any day now which is just amazing

19 I have lots of stuff to give to charity stores locally

20 I'm able to put some more money away for Christmas this week

21 I had a wonderful Easter weekend

22 My sister is back from university for a break which is so good

23 I'm narrowing down where I'd possibly like to volunteer

24 I get to help at school soon with their nursery forest trips

25 New found wanting to explore!

26 I live in Cornwall, what's not to smile about!

27 My postcard collection is getting pretty big!

28 In a day I get to blog about Harry Potter-this fills my little heart with geeky happiness

29 I've got a roof over my families head

30 There's a decent garden here the children love, it's something we've never really had

31 The children are sleeping better

32 Little A has been doing so well lately.

33 Midge has been writing lots she now has 2 pen friends. So proud.

34 The sun has been shining

35 I have Harry Potter pjarmas ha!

36 We're getting ideas together for summer

37 Next month I'll be going to a spa for a hen do- big deal anxiety wise!

38 Contact with one of my best friends has been better recently

39 I'm out for a birthday lunch this Saturday

40 Yesterday I treated myself and the babies to Costa and a pizza dinner with doughnuts from Dominoes

41 I received two new books in a book swap

42 Long hot showers

43 I've started to clear the garden

44 I have a new DVD on the way which will complete a series I have

45 Hubby comes home at a decent time from today

46 I've got ice cream and biscuits in the house!

47 I've arranged a play date for Midge and her friend today. I love them playing with their friends

48 Sunday cooked breakfasts. Most weeks I can look forward to one of these either made by us or a special treat!

49 My collections always make me smile. Notebooks, stamps, carebears, postcards, journals.

50 Most importantly, life. A good one I have and should keep making better!

Cupcake Mumma


  1. Lots of reasons to be happy there. It's great to hear you managing to reduce your tablets. I know it's only though your blog etc but I think your doing a great job of being a mum.

    Oh and well done for tacking AtoZ again. I want to one of these years but can't commit to blogging every day at the moment. Too much else going on.

    1. Thanks it's been up and down! I tried the challenge last year and only got to C! But this year I'm enjoying it :) x

  2. Everyone should make a list like this at least once a year. It really gets us to focus on the many good things in life. Surprised and pleased to see your mention of pen pals - I didn't think anyone did that anymore. I had 1 in Germany and 1 in South Africa when I was a kid, and we exchanged letters for several years. I wish that they had kept up with the correspondence, but they both faded away during our high school years.

    1. Oh I love my pen pals I have about 8-9 I think some quicker than others to write so a great mix to be honest. Thanks for visiting!

  3. What a stunning list! I love some of the little things in there. I really hope you enjoy the hen do, it will help your anxiety loads xxx

  4. A lot of good reasons to be happy. A refreshing breaker from my blog where I find something to rant about every week. LOL Light-heartedly of course.

    1. Ah but yours is a good read! I can see how mine would be break though ha!