February~ A Look Back

February was a really nice month. I've had enough of the wet school runs and cold weather though, it doesn't help that Spring has been doing nothing but teasing me! I've loved seeing the last of the crocuses and the first daffodils on our local green. The children have enjoyed their school runs with some muddy puddles to play in along the way. At the beginning of the month we enjoyed a bit of snow, which was lovely.

February was a great month for stationery. I started a new book for a friend and I to record our writing and trips. We send it back forth, or at least we will when I've posted it on its first journey! I've loved my bird themed #Paperhaul box and had some lovely stationery in my gift swaps (which I really need to blog about!) I was enjoying being a bit of a bookworm in February too.

February's Blogging Best Bits:

Our Peadiatric Appointment and The Start of Our Journey- this was so useful for me to write. I added some tips for those going to their first Peadiatric assessment too which I know has helped several people.

How Sensory Processing Disorder Affects my Son- I really enjoyed writing this post. Although Little A is still very much in the process of being referred for occupational therapy and we have no definite answers for his behaviours we are working with SPD which has fitted with A and the useful things I have found online regarding the disorder have been very useful to us. Many people thanked me for this post which meant a lot to me.

My Sunday Photo- With Olaf!- This was a popular Sunday Photo post last month and one of my favourites.

I'm really looking forward to March. My sister returns from University and we get celebrate her 21st birthday. My Gran should be coming home from hospital soon and it will be so lovely to spend time together as a family. I'm also excited to get ready for Easter and do some gift swaps which keep me happy.

Happy March everyone! 

Cupcake Mumma

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