Little A Turns 4!

Although we all felt a little worse for wear come the day of Little A's birthday, we all woke with the birthday boy realising it was his big day and he was so excited. He made me sing him 'happy birthday' when we were still in my bed before hopping off and being led downstairs to his little pile of presents and cards.

He did well this year. He opened his cards then spent 20 minutes ignoring every wrapped present because he was too busy playing with a JCB set Hubby had bought him! Eventually he opened his gifts before putting his new clothes on and heading off to see his cousins and other family at breakfast. We had such a lovely breakfast together and proceeded to town where he bought some toys. We then went to my sister in laws new house and stayed there for a few hours. All the children played together happily, we only left because I had my shopping booked to arrive!

The rest of the day was spent as a duvet day really. A had fun with his toys and Midge, they played together until late. We had a picky tea including A's favourite food right now: pizza! We sang happy birthday and ate destroyed by children cake! It was supposed to be a lovely vanilla covered cake with a train track and one of A's trains on but both children poked and dragged their fingers over the top when I was busy!

And that was Little A's fourth birthday! I felt bad I couldn't wrap all his presents, that his cake was no where near what I wanted and he had no giant balloon or banners but did he notice? Of course not! I'm going to chill out on birthdays from now on!

Cupcake Mumma

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  1. Looks like he had fun, (very) belated happy birthday to him x