Fixing The Future with Sugru!

I've heard a lot about Sugru. I've seen it on you tube, I've seen it on blogs and several people have mentioned it to me for crafting. Those of you who don't know about Sugru, here's a little information:

Sugru is a mouldable clay which comes in a variety of colours (and right now Sugru has gone festive for Christmas!) you can use it in crafting, diy, fixing those broken toys, even for hanging up items and hiding those unsightly wires on USB cables you haven't quite got around to replacing yet! Here's a bit more about Sugru and what you can do with it on their website

As for me, well, naturally I don't think in terms of DIY or mending broken items, I think crafty! So I spent an evening making two rather sweet little models. A mushroom which I can easily turn into a badge/broach/keyring and a funny little worm which will become a keyring!

I'm not very gifted in the modelling department unfortunately so any further makes were firmly cast aside and the clay was reused for other things...

Like sticking my sons train track bridge together. It always comes apart and it upsets him a lot. Not anymore! It's not as neat as i'd like it to be but it's a very awkward object to stick together. I also got the chance to finally mend my beloved skiing Cheer Bear Carebear. She was dropped a while ago and I've only just found the missing ski! I was gutted when she broke but now Sugru has fixed her right up.

I still have more left and I'm sure it'll all come in very handy. My husband usually tapes everything up but now he has no excuse for that horrible habit! Sugru dries in a fairly quick time if left alone and it does dry rock solid. It's worth remembering that just like real clay and playdoh, if you don't look after Sugru it will become rock solid if left lying around and will get covered in bits if you drop it etc so do remember to pack it away again when you're finished!

Sugru is a long lasting mouldable clay and is also very strong. I have seen photos of this product holding up pans after being moulded into hooks and stuck on to tiles! It is also waterproof which is very handy if you need a temporary fix in the shower or around a tap before you can get to the hardware store. So basically, whether you're into make do and mend, DIY or crafts, Sugru really is a product anyone can make a use of!

I was sent a pack of Sugru in the colours yellow, blue, red and white for this review. A limited festive edition has now been released exclusively online which could be perfect for those stocking fillers! The best thing is that Sugru is under £10 and can be purchased from B&Q, Maplin, Wilkinson and more stores! So, let's fix the future and banish the electrical tape habits of a life time! (Seriously it's not just my husband is it?)

Cupcake Mumma


  1. I haven't used sucru yet but looks like a lot of fun!

  2. I love making things with Sugru and it's so useful for fixing things, it's done a fantastic job with the Care Bear ornament! I love your little keyrings, they are so sweet :)