The Week That was: Captured

I've not participated in the lovely Hannah's link up for The Week That a fair while. Whilst we haven't actually been up to much, we've still had a fairly good week (despite the weather!)

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Monday- I had Midge home from school after having a weekend full of coughing and being all bunged up. She was quite tired in the morning but perked up throughout the day. She helped me run Little A to school and pick up some bits in town. She decided staying off school was actually utter rubbish because she couldn't stay home alone and had to get soaked whilst helping Mumma with her errands! As she was feeling better we decided pop into Costa and we had a nice hot chocolate before getting A from school ( in the pouring rain!)

Tuesday- I got around to opening this months box from The Kawaii Shop. I love all the fun bits I get and I love happymail. Both children were in school today, I still had to do all the school runs because Hubby got overtime at work. We came straight home and put our pjs on and watched television that day! Otherwise it was a day for just 'getting stuff done!'

Wednesday- There was a break in the bad weather today, hooray! It was a crisp, chilly morning but It was nice to walk home without rushing in the rain. The moon was still out, against the bluest sky I've seen in a long time! We had a double rainbow later in the day which made me happy. I went about town getting some more Christmas gifts to stuff under my bed!

Thursday- Today I got more Christmas bits (I don't drive so I have to go back and forth to get stuff, I'm not obsessed with shopping!) I also had to scout around for a hero costume for Midge and Children in Need. Luckily pound stretcher saved the day! Little A decided he'd quite like to be a nurse, so while Midge was at a friends house he played with his new train set whilst dressed as a nurse.

Friday- I took a nurse and a Buzz Lightyear to school today, always fun! I ran some errands and sorted my house ready for some impending guests arriving tomorrow (excited! There's going to be a baby in my house for the first time in 3 years!) everyone is excited which is so nice. I picked up stocking fillers for the little ones and spent the evening cuddling up to hubby on the sofa watching the box.

Saturday- I'm currently waiting for Kat to arrive with 2 of her little ones. I've been making the rooms suitable and chilling out with the children while I wait! There's a Moses basket all set out, midge and A are excited and have planned to bunk up together tonight. I'm looking forward to lots of hugs, laughter and a take away treat!

Midge at Costa//Little A dressed up//Double rainbow!//Yummy orange hot chocolate all prettied up for Christmas

My rather fantastic Kawaii Box//My travelling notbook which Midge has also filled in!//On Wednesday I voted in the local elections//The moon and a beautiful blue sky//I've booked Hubbys birthday gift from me, a lovely 1 night stay in a hotel together. I can't wait!

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New Mum Online said...

Oh that Midge at Costa picture is gorgeous. You should print and frame it. This is one linky I always intend to do. This wouldn't be the right week to, as unusually for me, I have taken next to no photos this week. Blogfest really took it out of me, and in more ways than one. Sounds like you had a very busy week.
Liska xx

Hannah said...

Thanks Liska I was thinking the same thing about the photo it's so lovely I'll def have to get it printed off! I haven't joined in for a while I get a bit disheartened with link ups sometimes but I felt like it and it's a fab way to record our weeks :) xx

Hijacked by Twins said...

That is a beautiful picture at Costa and the Kawaii box looks lovely :-) x #TWTWC

Hannah said...

Lovely photos and welcome back! Sounds like a busy week and I hope you've had fun with Kat staying :)

Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx

Shannon said...

That's a great photo at Costa... and a Kawaii box!?!? I'm going to have to look into that. :-)

Hannah said...

Thanks Kitsty :) xx

Hannah said...

Thank you hannah we had a lovely time it was so so nice :) it's nice to be back :) hopefully after xmas it'll be easier with a new laptop!! Xx

Hannah said...

It's brilliant honestly get it if you're onto it about £12 a month including post from Korea I think! Xx