5 Reasons you should visit The Harry Potter Studio Tours

Recently I visited the Harry Potter Studio Tours as a birthday treat from my Mum. I had an amazing time. I've purposely not posted too many photos because I feel that I may spoil it for others who also want to go. I avoided all blog posts about the tour because I didn't want any sneak previews. There will be a few photos in this post so if you are the same way inclined you may want to move along. How about you read something from my archives instead *wink wink*

For those who are wanting to visit the Warner Bros Studios, here are 5 reasons why you should definitely book your tickets and if you've already booked your tickets,then these 5 reasons will build up your excitement for the big day!

1) Everything in the studio tour is FOR REAL. It is totally genuine, has actually been worn, held, touched, sat on (and more!) by the actual cast who starred in the Harry Potter films. It is where some of your favourite actors and actresses have stood,walked and acted. Probably the closest most of us will get to the cast of Harry Potter and it doesn't feel like a bad thing.

2) You really can't appreciate the hours of skill and hard work it takes to make these films until you see the props for yourself. Handmade wands, clothes, animals. Creatures beyond your imagination hancrafted and made to move. Books, cloaks, houses and...

3) The breathtaking sight that is Hogwarts Castle.

4) You get what you pay for, and more. We paid £31.00 for adult tickets and £23.50 for a child ticket. We spent nearly 4 hours at the tour and you can spend so much longer if wanted. You can take your time, wander at your own pace. You can find friendly staff to talk to who are full of extra, interesting facts rather than be led about the studios by a tour guide. You can read the factual information without rushing, take as many photos as you like, ride broomsticks and when there are events on (Dark Arts Week was on when I visited for example) you don't pay any extra to enjoy the experience.

Nagini at The Malfoy Manor

Charity Burbage's unfortunate death awaits her by the hands of Lord Voldemort at Malfoy Manor

5) Forget theme park rides in Florida, seeing the making of one my favourite books come to life in film was amazing. To see all the props and hard work that went into making these films was something I'd happily do again. For any Harry Potter fan who has read every book and seen every film, the Warner Bros Studio Tour brings to life the magic of JK Rowling's most brilliant characters and their journeys in the wizarding world. A side from dreaming I'm an actual witch going to Hogwarts, I'm happy that I can get this close to the magic of Harry Potter.

There are way more reasons to go and visit the studios, of course, but why not go and explore them for yourself and have an excellent time!


  1. My husband loves the Harry Potter series. He would surely find this place fascinating!

  2. Iv'e been once and am going again this month. I agree with all of these, great post! x

    1. Thanks sharon! I can't wait to go again so enjoy your upcoming trip!! x