#Dicraftswap Book Swap!

Julys theme for the Dainty and Ivory craft swap with Hannah was books! I love books. Novels, notepads, notebooks all kinds of books! My partner was Claire who took a lot of time and effort in thinking of the perfect swap gift for me. Here's all the beautiful goodies together:

I was sent this lovely notebook which has been hand decorated by Claire. Inside I can record all the books I read and leave some notes about them. I love this idea. Inside I had some pink note pages with envelopes to add to my collection.

Claire remembered I loved anything to do with the Second World War and sent me these reproduced items. A numbered ticket, junior ration booklet and Identity card.

I was sent this very sweet mouse which will be re homed with little trouble! She's so cute!

Here's what I sent to my partner:

I took the book swap quite literally and sent my partner a book I had finished reading. I like to pass books around and hopefully this one will be read and enjoyed. I made the cards myself, added a gratitude angel which I am loving making at the moment. I thought I'd a little vintage mirror with nail files for something special and some toffees, well, just because! I loved the woodland embellishments and felt they fitted the theme really well. I'm so pleased with both what I sent and what I received this month just like I have been since this project started! 

This month I'll be blogging about the Disney swap which has caused me no end of trouble! Buying was fine, making has been different!

Cupcake Mumma

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