Destinations that are Top of my List: BEDAOutmumbered

I have a few places I really want to visit and they are of course listed in my bucket list too. First of all I really want to visit the Harry Potter Studios. It's very possible this will happen for me this October as a birthday treat with my Mum who is also a lover of Harry Potter and my daughter who may or may not be interested in the geeking out that's sure to happen.

The London Eye is another place I want to visit despite my slight fear of heights. I've climbed Snowdon, I'm pretty confident I can do most things now to be honest! It would just be so amazing to see that fantastic view. I'd like to do a whole bunch of things just hubby and I.

There are several castles I want to visit because of my Tudor interests:
St.Mawes and Pendennis
Hatfield Castle (Elizabeth 1st)
Hever Castle (Anne Bolyn's childhood home) there will be many more though, England is home to some amazing castles.

I want to visit the Titanic Museum because it just fascinates me and I want to go to Buckingham palace even just to have my photo taken at the gates, I don't care! I love our royal family.

Finally I want to return to my childhood home to see how things have changed. I want to see Westonburt, where I grew up and Tetbury, the town I lived closest to and also the town I went to school in. Hopefully a certain friend will be able to help with this one next year!


  1. Love this list - there are so many great places to visit right here in the UK. Might have to add the castles to my list of places to visit too :-)

    1. Oh for sure there's loads! I agree and yes! Add the castles!

  2. Great list! James' cousin works at Hever castle as an event planner, she always shares the most amazing photos it looks like such a beautiful place! x

  3. Harry Potter Studios is on my list of things to do too!

  4. Great list although I am not personally a fan of Harry Potter or our Royal family.
    What I loved in this post is that there was a really confident statement about yourself - keep up that sort of thinking

  5. Thanks Kate! Shame you're not into Harry potter though you're missing something special there haha x