The Final Week

Yes at last it has come. I'm not even sorry that I'm not one those mothers crying about new school years or deeply sad that summer has ended and now it's time to go back. I've had a long summer here and the word holiday is not a word I would choose to add to summer either. Of course it hasn't been all bad. We went to a beautiful wedding and saw a lot of lovely family. We've had friends stay and ventured to an animal park which was wonderful fun! We've done soft play twice and had cheeky trips to a certain famous food chain.

In between most of that we've had potty training not going according to plan. We've had a lot of sleepless nights and have spent a lot of time with our three year old in with me and my poor husband going where ever he can be comfortable.

For about 3 weeks I was stuck in an absolutely rotten place mentally. I cancelled appointments because of my anxiety, I didn't want to leave the house but did manage one day at the park and several belated trips to the post office (sorry pen friends) I've been tired and worn down by a lot of fighting between the children. Some boredom, some poor communication with A, some purpose tormenting from midge and just some utter crap!

I've had a better holiday than most I've no doubt about that at all. I wouldn't change the holiday either, it's very important for children now more than ever to have these precious six weeks.

I never noticed the long holidays in primary school because I was left to my own devices or holidaying in Cornwall with family before we moved here. I hated the summer holidays as a teen because it was long and boring, because I was someone who loved the books and homework and missed the structure and routine from school. It seems even as a mother of two I still can't stand the long summer. As they get older i'll just be more aware of their friends' fabulous holidays and our lack of ability to provide such wonderful fun. That's a long way in the future that one. Hopefully next year things will be better in lots of ways!

Cupcake Mumma


  1. Ive just written a summer roundup too, felt guilty as we havent been on holiday and although we have a car now, trips out havent really happened much as its so expensive to get in places. Walks and the park is what we have done mostly. I remember as a kid i loved playing in the garden and as a teen seeing friends everyday. i think the problem now is my boys would rather play computer games, although i do give them limits i think they dont have the imagination i had. I think theyre ready to start their new school and im excited for them too, Hopefully next summer will be more adventurous too!

  2. Sorry to hear you have had a bad case of anxiety again, I hate it when it seems to flare up, hope you are a bit better now. Must admit as sad as I am to see Alex starting school this week, I am quite looking forward to it too, although I think Sam will miss his partner in crime! xx

  3. I hope you are feeling a bit better now, and getting back into a routine has helped. 'holidays' are so expensive, I can't ever see a time when we will be in a position to even save up for one, never mind book one! Fun in the park, blackberry picking and walking along muddy paths will have to do for now.

  4. What I find is that in time children tend to come to terms with their parents and whilst knowing they were not perfect, tend to think they would not have wanted anybody else's. Ease up on yourself - I had very stressful potty training. My daughter has only just stopped bedwetting aged 10 and I know how when life is full of poo and pee, it can just seem well shit. You do what you can as the human you are and you remain one of the women I most like to connect with.

  5. I have bad anxiety too, I've struggled with it since I was a kid, so know that you're not alone!

  6. Love your honesty Hannah. :-) x
    I'm the opposite, I find the school runs, being a Taxis service, getting them to 3 different schools (now only 2 schools again...phew) and keeping up with after school activities, homework, the battle of getting them out the door on time soooooo stressful.

    I would much rather have them home, even though they can be a nightmare, bickering etc.... I#m much happier....

    Hope your feeling in a happier place. It's so damn hard isnt it!!

    Sa xXx