Reasons to be Cheerful

I'm on my way to Bath at the moment and being a bit bored and slightly squashed I thought I'd take my mind off things and do a little blog post. I'm feeling particularly cheerful today so let's share some happy thoughts shall we?

1) As I said, I'm on my way to Bath to visit my very lovely friend Kat and her family. Tonight we are having some girl time, getting our nails done and stuffing our faces with pizza (new workout regime starts next week I promise!) for now I am embracing my me time although I do already miss my babies like mad!

2) I'm really happy that myself and a family member have worked out a way to go to my cousins wedding in Cambridge in two weeks. Midge and I will travel together and have a mini holiday in Cambridge and Portsmouth. Exciting stuff!

3) I had a wonderful Story of Mum retreat last Sunday. I met up with some old friends, did some yoga, made gratitude angels which were so much fun! We also chatted, ate delicious good and enjoyed our me time! The next one is in autumn and I'm excited already! Post to follow!

What's been making you cheerful this week? I'd love to know.

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