Going Green-Fingered to Save Money

I've been cutting back much like most of the people I speak to these days. We rarely take a bus or taxi, we buy as much as we can value or own brand in the supermarkets we shop around in, we use charity stores (I love this one!) and genuinely just try to make things last longer clothes and food wise. The only thing I don't do and have never done is grow my own fruit and vegetables.

I'm the daughter of a gardener yet my Dad didn't pass on any green fingered genes (much like my mum who is wonderful at sewing but never sat me down to learn!) I haven't the first clue what I'm doing but I know i want to grow my own produce and I want to save money. As part of the Money Does Grow on Trees challenge from debt free direct I picked some seeds, compost and a little shelf unit (because there isn't much windowsill room in my house!) which was all kindly sent to me so I can blog our growing journey and hopefully blog about how much money we'll save when it comes to pulling our veg out of the soil!

I've planted some herbs (I bought these myself) and the children planted some strawberries with their aunt which are also on our windowsill. Here they are growing away several weeks ago:

My lavender has been moved into a slightly bigger plant pot but my other herbs died! We also planted some potatoes! I found this big tub after a toy box clear out, made a few adjustments to it with help from my Husband and planted the spuds with help from Midge.

Hopefully I'll be planting more fruit and veg (both a mix of my own purchases and seeds from this challenge.) I'm really hoping I can grow something! I've worked out I could save around £20 a month (regardless of season! In fact, in summer it would be slightly more because of all the strawberry buying!)

Do you grow your own? Do you have a nice big space, an allotment or are you on a smaller scale much like myself with pots everywhere!? I'd love to know and especially always appreciate your growing tips so my challenge isn't a total fail!

Cupcake Mumma

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