Phone cases by Mr Nutcase- A Review

I recently bought a personalised phone case, where I typed up all the things I love and the company printed them onto a case for me. I was really pleased but eventually the case started to catch on my ear and it really hurt! Since then, I've been going without a case whilst I looked for one I really liked.

Whilst browsing online I checked my inbox and I had an email from Mr Nutcase. I checked out their site and decided I'd love to do a review of a Mr Nutcase custom case. I chose the ultra lightweight slimline phone case and spent ages going through favourite photos of my little ones before settling on two I really liked. I would recommend doing the personalising on a computer, I decided to do it on a phone and settled on the easiest design because I found dragging and dropping the photos really difficult the more I had. I don't think there are any such problems on a desktop computer or laptop though.

My case was delivered really quickly, although I'd prefer it to have been wrapped up instead of just placed in a parcel bag (I know the parcel bags are lined with bubble wrap, but when spending £14.95 on a case, I'd like to see some extra wrapping or anything that shows the company goes for that personal touch)

The case itself is brilliant. I honestly can't fault it. The case doesn't appear easy to scratch, the texture of the case isn't smooth like my previous cases and I actually feel like I have a better grip on my phone. The description of the the lightweight ultra slimline case is completely accurate, my phone feels the same with the case on as it does without. Previous cases have always added extra weight to my phone. Strange thing to be pleased about maybe but I am.

My photos have been printed perfectly, the colour is bright and exactly how I would expect them to look. I also love that the side of the case is clear. I cannot abide white sides, for me it looks really cheap and horrible and i'll admit, after I ordered I wondered if the the sides of the case would be coloured white or not! Again, odd thing to be pleased about perhaps, but I am very pleased indeed!

All in all I think this product is worth the £14.95 you pay and I would recommend Mr Nutcase to anyone looking for something extra special and a little bit different for their phone cases. You can get personalised cases for many gadgets from lots of different manufacturers.

Cupcake Mumma

I was sent a personalised phone case from Mr Nutcase in exchange for an honest review. All words and photos are my own.


  1. I need a new case for my phone

  2. Your case looks great, I love the pictures you chose :) I love my Mr Nutcase phone case too...I like the 'matte' finish as well; it gives the case more grip when you're holding it. And you're right about it not being bulky, it feels like a part of the phone not an obvious addition to it x