Papery Peep! A New Link up!

My lovely penpal and fellow blogger Jocelyn from The Reading Residence is on a mission to get us all writing letters, cards and reading more books. I love reading and have never been a fan of these electronic readers (although my app has come in handy on long train journeys!) I will always prefer having a paper back in my hands. I also have a number of pen pals whom I love writing to and since I started letter writing again I love buying gorgeous stationery. Sadly, my budget doesn't really allow room for lots of lovely stationery so when I see a bargain I grab it with both hands! Here's a photo of my new paper set, case and blank cards (because I'm getting back to making my own cards again!)

Now onto reading. I've read a few books over the last few weeks. Firstly there was The New Arrival by Sarah Beeson.

My New Arrival Selfie!
The New Arrival is a novel about Sarah's career and time as a trainee nurse in the 1970s. I have loved this book and have been inspired by Sarah's belief in helping others and standing up for the rights of mothers and their families. I have the second book on pre order and I can't wait to read about Sarah's journey in a new roll.

The second book I wanted to share was The Third Reich. I'm a big fan of history books (World War II, Titanic and Tudor history in particular) This book is great because it's based on the politics behind The Nazi Party which I knew next to nothing about. I read a lot about the actual war and the concentration camps but I've never read anything like this and I enjoyed it a lot.

My current book:

Mary Berry, Recipe For Life

I hope you've enjoyed this post! Do check out The Reading Residence for more on Bring Back Paper!

The Reading Residence

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The Reading Residence said...

I am loving the look of that new stationery set, and very interesting and diverse reads for you lately! Great to have been reading three in a row that you really enjoy, too. I rarely read non-fiction myself, but it's obviously keeping you happy! Thanks so much for joining in and sharing and for the mention :) #BringBackPaper x

RhymesWithCakes said...

I love this post!! You've inspired me with the Third Reich book, I may add it to my list of things to read. I have visited a couple of concentration camps, and delved into those atrocities, but never looked at it from another angle. On the subject over letters/postcards, have you heard of

Unknown said...

Thanks for the book recommendations! I've had The Third Reich on my 'to buy' list, I'll be heading to a book shop tomorrow now! I don't spend anywhere near enough time reading anymore - I recently read The Rosie Project and right now I've got a couple on the go - Ali Smith 'There but for the' and 'My Own Story' by Emmeline Pankhurst, but it's slow progress!

Great to hear you have got back into letter writing - there really is nothing better than putting a lovely to pen to beautiful paper!

Hannah said...

Thanks for such a lovely comment Rachel! It's a brill book I really enjoyed looking at the before nazi rule.
Yes I have love postcrossing only just got back into it though!x

Hannah said...

Thanks for those book recommendations too :) hope you enjoy the third reich as much as I did! I love letter writing and try my best!x

Hannah said...

Thank you! I love all the reading I'm getting done it's great :) xxx

Ojo said...

I love to read, but I seem to be struggling for time lately. My house is too full of books, so I'm in love with my kindle lol x

Unknown said...

So glad you enjoyed 'The New Arrival'. We really enjoyed reading your blog and it's been great getting to know you a little more on Facebook and twitter - keep in touch. We're writing the second book 'She's Arrived!' Thanks for pre-ordering; will keep you updated as we write it. Love Sarah and Amy Beeson x