Love the Little Things #1

Last year But Why mummy Why hosted Some Things That I Love. I never got involved but I did enjoy reading the link ups. This year, her link up is back and wiith a slight change to the name: Love the Little Things. I think it'll be lovely to join in this year and so here is my first post!


I've been reading a variety of things. I finished A Christmas Carol just before Christmas, I love that book. I've got the new Bridget Jones book ready and raring to go on my kindle app (I make no apologies!) It's The White Queen I really love, Phillipa Gregory is my favourite author but I just can't seem to get a few minutes to finish my books!


I watched my recording of Call the Midwife which was excellent viewing and I've enjoyed the return of Silent Witness to my screen! I'm a big Eastenders fan (again, no apologies!) and I've enjoyed watching the new goings on.


I bought this beautiful white fox necklace from Etsy and I'm in love with it. It's a shame that I'm hidden under my coat most of the time but this is a piece of jewelry I'll be wearing again and again. My wellies have also been heavily featured this week thanks to the weather!


I've heard lots of stormy weather lately and having an attic room makes it even louder. We've had lashings of rain, raging winds and hail which are way past that relaxing point! The children have been woken up by the storms on two occasions. I just hope the weather calms soon!


The only thing I can say I've made lately are a bunch of giant chocolate chip cookies which are, of course, free from yumminess! They turned out quite big but were so tasty. I'm still looking for that perfect cookie recipe and bake though.

And Lastly

I'm itching to get started on my house plans. I've got some great ideas in mind and as usual Pinterest has seen me stop by for many hours over this past week! I want to get some more child friendly items into the dining area because my front room is a relaxing, clutter free space!


Cupcake Mumma


  1. What a great post. An enders fan - woo go you!! Can't wait to see what you do with your house. I''ll need some ideas soon too 😊 xxx

    1. I love it! Ah i'm sure i'll show it off although i am a bit funny about my home lol xxx

  2. I really don't like this weather. :(
    Lovely post. x

    1. It's really horrid isn't it :( Thank you for popping by
      Hannah x

  3. I love the fox.. Do you have a link?

    Love SW too :))

    1. Good taste ;) Sure thing:


  4. I love your fox necklace too, going to check it out for myself I think! Thanks so much for joining in, I really enjoy reading everyone's posts xx

  5. I love the fox necklace, I have seen it before and was very tempted! I have yet to watch Call The Midwife its sitting in my planner, I will get round to it though!

    Popped over from Morgana's linky Love The Little Things x

  6. I thought the new Bridget Jones book was brilliant, well worth the wait! x