Guilt is to Motherhood what Grapes are to wine: The Prompt #1

This quote, from Fay Weldon doesn't sit well with me at all. The quote itself is fairly and unfortunately true for most mothers. We all have something we want to do that we feel we just can't or shouldn't because what if our children need us? What if I was doing something for me and something happened whilst I was not with my child? Oh! I'd feel like such a failure!
I'm sure we can all think of many things we have said or thought and even put off because of that lingering presence inside of us. That guilt of ours.

I've read that quote over and over again. It has played on my mind during the school run if truth be told getting more and more on my nerves. Why? Here's why: grapes. Grapes are the essential ingredient needed to make wine. If you do not have grapes then you do not have wine (or decent wine and that other stuff just won't do. You know, that pretend stuff- I can't drink my hard days child rearing away with that stuff!)

Guilt though. Guilt is not essential to motherhood is it. Guilt is not necessary or needed. 
Love, kindness, sympathy, empathy, presence,honesty and so much more are the ingredients that are essential to motherhood are they not?

You want a hot bath? Have one. A night away with your other half while the children are with their grandparents? Have one. Eating the children's last chocolate bar? Eat it! Better your teeth then theirs right?

Guilt is for those who've done wrong. And if all you've done is eat their sweets, return to work or enjoy a night out then well, I think you can say goodbye to guilt.

Cupcake Mumma