Quiet on the Blog Front

This week has been a busy week and its just hit its peak with Little A covering my bed at half 11 last night with sick. Joy. Of course I don't blame him, I was just hoping it was the Smurf sweet overdose before bed (bad Mumma) and not the tummy bug it appears to be!

This is what I hate about winter, all these bugs hanging around, all the children being kind enough to share and share alike! I'm just hoping we're getting things out the way before Christmas. No one wants to be ill at Christmas.

It's not the best way to finish the week in all honesty though. We've had some (rather special) visitors this week; my nieces and nephews have stopped over for a few nights with their mum. It's been hectic sure but a lot easier than we all assumed! All the children have been well behaved which is obviously even more appreciated than usual when one of them is poorly (especially when it's mine!)

Today will be a duvet day before everything goes back to normal. Hopefully I'll get to the school fayre tomorrow to buy some of the Christmas bits that Midge has made in school before meeting mum with (hopefully two) healthy children to get the curtain material for our front room. I may even get a chance to enjoy Truro a little and spend a few pennies. Fingers crossed!

I Hope any poorly babies are feeling better. I know there's a lot of us in the same boat right now unfortunately. Have a good Thursday all.

Cupcake Mumma