Scavenger Hunt Sunday #1


On a walk home from the school run.


From the archives (sorry guys it's too cold here for sunglasses!)


My nieces last Love Heart..Aww she gave it to me!

Looking In

A neighbours garden. I love their old gate.


I love these yummy chocolates (wish i could still eat them!


Elizabeth said...

Oh Hannah, now I really want a Crunchie!! Beautiful pictures lovely lady xx

aspiritofsimplicity said...

Great shots. I love pattern and in the best.

Ashley Sisk said...

Great work. I really like your pattern shot.

Hannah said...

Thanks :)

Hannah said...

Ah sorry!! Thanks though :) x

Hannah said...

Thanks so much for looking at my blog :) And for your lovely comment

Ida said...

Great set. I love the patterns on old bridges, they are so neat looking.
Cutie with the sunglasses, yeah there's not much need here for sunglasses either.
How sweet of your niece to share her love heart candy.
That is a pretty gate.
Never heard of those chocolates but I do love me some chocolate.

Unknown said...

Nice pattern. I especially like the pattern and the looking in.

Unknown said...

All great photos but I particularly like the pattern and looking in :D