A Monster Ate My Mum

I was recently sent a book to review by the lovely Jen Faulkner who you can find here. The book I was sent is written by Post Natal Depression sufferer Jen, looking at Post Natal Depression from a child's point of view.


As you may know if you are a regular reader of my blog or have recently read this post, I suffered PND after my first daughter 5 years ago. I suffered PND for nearly 3 years before coming out the other side. It's only now I can see how long I really did go on suffering and I can see how tainted PND has made my memory of my daughters earlier years.

I wish I had this book when my daughter was younger. Even though she would've lacked understanding, I think it would've helped me enormously. For a parent struggling with depression it can be tough, there's no denying that. Getting dressed can be hard enough, let alone actually having fun, going to the park and doing messy play, what ever they want to do you just want to curl up in a ball in your bed. At least that's what I wanted to do.

This fantastic book can help in allowing children to see, in a way that is more suitable and relevant to their age, that you are still you, you're just a little lost at the moment. Most importantly, this books helps to teach children that it isn't their fault. This is so important and something I know I missed when I was suffering.

Here is an extract from the book:

Excuse me but have you eaten my mum?
I want her back I want some fun.
I want to see her smile, my mum.
Is she in your big round tum?”
“No she’s not here I just ate her smile.
I’ll give it back after a while.
I’m sorry I was hungry you see.
I don’t know where your mum could be.”

As for us personally? Midge found some of the illustrations scary at first. Once I read the story properly and once she had time to study the illustrations herself, she became more into the book. She asked lots of questions and it gave me the opportunity to explain to her that when I'm 'down in the dumps' and I snap and shout, I really don't mean it. It isn't her fault. She seemed a lot happier with this explanation than my usual, snappy 'I'm tired, just play with your brother.' Thankfully, those days are few and far between.

This book can, in my own personal experience, put off a child like my daughter (a little sensitive, monsters are a thing she associates with fear) so I found flicking through it first, laughing a little at some of the pictures, then reading the story before talking about the story really helped. She's a bit of a softie my Midge, I'm sure she's not alone!

I'd like to thank Jen for writing this hugely important book and I'd also like to thank Helen Braid, the illustrator, who has done a wonderful job.

You can buy A Monster Ate My Mum by clicking this Link
OR purchase a version for your mobile/tablet for just 99p here

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  1. How lovely, I recently saw this book on twitter& congratulated the author Jen for such a brilliant book. xx

    1. It's a brilliant book isn't it Bex? I think it'll be a great success xx