Our Random Day Out

Do you ever get those days where you wake up and just feel like going out somewhere, anywhere. Well, on Monday my Hubby certainty did because after Midge was dropped off, myself and Little A found ourselves running behind Daddy for a train to Truro. The reason for this spur of the moment trip turned out to be for the sole purpose of going to a sports store for replacement goal gloves. Hmm..

On the train having a snack

I'm actually really glad I braved the boredom because we found my brother a really cool Christmas gift and Midge some new school shoes (can you believe her shoes only lasted a month? It's not even half term yet!) all this came to just under £10. Oh yes, hubby did get his replacement gloves (which he would not have needed had somebody not stolen his other ones..) just in case you were wondering.

We bought a few bits from some charity shops too which is my favourite past time. Midge got a Mermaid Barbie for £1, Little A saw Patrick from Sponge Bob sitting on a shelf so we bought him for £1.50. Jay bought me a great laze-about-the-house jumper- it's got The Breakfast Club on it; my favourite film!

We had some yummy chips in the town square before doing a bit more browsing to waste the time. We tied the whole trip in with picking the children up from school so it worked really well for us.

Truro Cathedral

The best things about these trips are that I always feel a little closer to my Husband. I also love how happy Little A gets when he sees his 'choo choo' so sweet! I'm hoping to have a lot more spontaneous trips in the near future.

Cupcake Mumma


  1. Nice to see the cathedral...I'm from Falmouth so spent lots of Saturdays as a teenager in Truro and we'll be back there in a few weeks...can't wait!

  2. I love days like that, they always end up being the best ones x