Reasons to be Cheerful!

I thought I'd put a little selection of photos together to show why I am feeling particularly cheerful this week.

First of all, sibling love! I absolutely adore it when my two come together to play and chat and give one another a big hug. I took a few pictures and was having a real 'melting heart' moment! Little A has been struggling with the heat so has been a little clingy towards me. It's nice to see him hanging off someone else for a change!

Library groups.
I have been going back to our local baby and toddler group at the library and Little A and I have been really enjoying it again. He's the eldest there at 2 and I'm getting incredibly broody surrounded by Mums of six month old babies! (Or even younger!) The Mums have been friendly which is always something of a worry isn't it? With a new found confidence I realise I am there for A and not for anyone else.

Beautiful flowers.
Monday was a tough day and it was on the afternoon school run I picked this flower from the wall and began twiddling it between my fingers. I probably looked mad but it made me smile. There are some beautiful things in this world and flowers are one of them. They make me happy.

Raising money.
I turned up for my yearly Race for Life with my Mum, Sister and also my Dad this year for some moral support. The walk was really nice but I won't lie, it was blooming hot! As a pale skinned, fair haired person the heat isn't fairing well with me! I'm loving the sunshine nonetheless and wouldn't wish it away. I've decided this is my last Race for Life because so many people do it I just can't raise any money for it anymore. I have other charities that are close to my heart so will focus on them.

Midge finishes school tomorrow and will go into Year 1 when the new school term starts. It's gone incredibly fast but I couldn't be more proud of her progress. The reception team are lovely and helpful. I've enjoyed helping with school trips and activities and seeing my little girl really grow into a caring, loving, creative individual. We made a small gift for all the teachers which included: 3 note pads, 3 teacher pens and some lovely star shaped chocolates.

I hope your week has been cheerful. Do link up with Mummy from the Heart if you feel like sharing some happiness!


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  1. Aww lovely pics!
    Fab reasons to be cheerful! x

  2. They are all fabulous reasons, congrats on running the race for life :-D

  3. I love it when mine get on too - it just doesn't happen very often! Long may it last x

  4. What lovely pictures! and lovely reasons, I love picking a random flower when out alone, it makes me smile too x

  5. Ohh a beautiful huggy picture there, I love that one. Mich x

  6. Great reasons, Love the photos! Flowers always make me smile too. Have a lovely weekend x

  7. Your post made me smile. I think it was the "blooming hot" comment. Don't come and experience our summers because you will wilt very quickly. :)