Make your own Windmill Toppers!

I've been up early this morning making some decorations for our upcoming BBQ party. I'm really looking forward to it and have been planning to add a real summer theme to the day. A part of this summer theme I thought I'd make some small windmills. These windmills don't move around (you need those what I call 'butterfly pins' for that) These are for creating something extra special for your cakes or to add to your display.

Here's what you need:

  • Take a small square of paper and draw 4, small lines from each corner to near the centre of the paper. It doesn't matter if each line is slightly shorter/longer than the other 
  • Carefully cut along the lines

  • In picture one, I have numbered the corners you need to fold
  • Fold the corners one by one using the sticky tabs to secure in the centre of the paper.
  • You now have your windmill!

  • Using the sellotape, place a stick (I used a stick made for cake pops!) securely to the back of your paper windmill
  • Add something extra to finish off the look (if you haven't pinned the centre instead)

I hope this tutorial was simple and easy to follow. I've made quite a few now as you can see. Children will love helping you make these. I haven't bought anything extra, I've used scrap papers, cake pop sticks (you could use cocktail sticks) and any extras from my craft box.




  1. This look really good and you have reminded me that I got shown how to do this a couple of months ago and haven't made any yet! x

  2. I absolutely love it, I will be pinning this on Pinterest. I hope we get to see photos from the event too x

    1. Oh wow thanks Rachel! Have fun making them too!! x

  3. OOH these are cute I love it ! xx what a great idea