My Week That Was- Instagramed!

There's a new link up on the block, my lovely blogging friend Hannah from Make, Do and Push! has started a new weekly link up of all your Instagram shots! I am fairly addicted to Instagram now, much like Twitter and Pinterest (and the rest..) so this is right up my street! Do join in too and share some blog love!


 On Sunday we were still holidaying in Newquay at Trevella Park. We spent the whole day on site just enjoying the peace and quiet. It was far too hot to be going to the beach and I was suffering with sunburn too. Instead we opted for the outdoor pool and found a little games room where Midge and Little A had a go at playing pool. Here's Little A's unique little way of playing the game.


On Monday we spent our last day on holiday going to Newquay Zoo. It was such a wonderful day and a little cooler than the weekend (only slightly though!) We saw lots of monkeys, birds and enjoyed some sessions learning about penguins and otters. We stopped for some much needed ice creams before moving on to the Lion House.


We didn't get up to much on Tuesday due to coming home and being surrounded by bags and clothes from being away! We also had to look after our nieces and nephews for a while which of course was nice. We thought we'd opt for a 'chill' day. I snapped this lovely photo of Midge though in the morning.


I was so hot in the house that I decided to seek refuge in the cool library for toddler group. We were half an hour late which would usually send me into a bit of a panic but I don't really get too bothered anymore. I didn't know anybody so anyone who used to go to the group had given up long ago too! I'm hoping to keep it up throughout the summer holidays, something for just Little A and I.

 After toddler group we popped into town where I, rather spontaneously, nipped into the local tattoo studio to get a quote on a couple of ideas I've had. I'm booked for 2 tattoos this Friday, nice small ones so they're perfect for me. Little A really liked it in the shop! He was laughing at a lady having her tattoo done which was rather funny. We both looked at the drawings whilst chilling on the sofa!


On Thursday we took a trip to Wetherspoons for a nice big breakfast. Midge was in school so it was just Hubby, Little A and I. My breakfast was huge! We were stuffed and promptly collapsed on the sofa when we arrived home!

As did Little A!


I was so proud on Friday. I picked Midge up from school and as usual when we got home I emptied her school bag out. I was reading the school newsletter when I noticed her name in the Dazzling Work Winners section! She was so pleased when I told her.

I also treated myself to a little nail painting. I love my pink selection and think my finger nails look like little smarties!


Saturday was a Mummy and Little Ones day. We took the bus to Heartlands which is a local Heritage site here in Pool, Cornwall. We looked around the gift shop and bought some postcards for our collection, then looked around the mine which is just so fascinating. 
We paddled in the 'river' and played in the park before heading to Tesco for some lunch in the cafe. Both Little Ones had a lovely day and so did I!

Midge wanted me to take a photo next to this little doodle. 

A very summery flower.

Cupcake Mumma


  1. Oh my word! Little A isn't looking so little anymore!

    Thank you so much for linking up :) It sounds like you had a lovely mini-break and I love that photo of Midge in red :) Super cute

    1. I know, he needs a new nickname right!? Loving this new link up Hannah, it's fab xx