Sunny, Lovely Weekend!

On Saturday morning we all woke up with sun shining through our windows. The children came bounding in with smiles on their faces and Hubby and I sat up knowing it was going to be a good day. I like it when you just know it's going to be a nice day. We made a rather spontaneous decision to go to the boating lake a couple of towns over to feed the ducks and swans. It was beautiful over there and despite the seagulls doing their best to ruin the moment, we enjoyed it a lot!

My sister was back from university for the weekend and I was keen to spend some time with her before she headed off to her boyfriend's up country. We met up at the lake with her and my Mum, ate some chips and decided, once again very spontaneously, that it would be rude not to have a BBQ on such a lovely day!

Hubby and I headed to the shops with the children, Little Man was so tired from the heat and excitement he promptly passed out as we went around the shop hunting for food and various other BBQ goodies. After an hour (we had to draw it out because of the bus times!) we headed to Mums and started preparing the food and fixing the BBQ together. Mum went and got Dad from work early, the children had their paddling pool out and we spent a lovely evening together chatting and eating scrummy food.

To continue with our spontaneous theme we decided to stop over and have a sleep over in the front room of my parents house. Little A slept better than he ever has in the travel cot, he woke twice and Midge was the same. A couple of wake ups I can deal with so it was all in all a great day from start to finish!

On Sunday we all phoned my Gran to wish her a happy birthday. She didn't know we were all planning to take her out somewhere nice to eat for lunch. My Aunt and Uncle from Devon came down and stayed the weekend with her and my other Aunt, so she was pretty spoiled by the time we arrived at the restaurant.

Little A was extremely tired and hot and after one too many melt downs hubby decided it was best for everyone if he took him away in the buggy. The restaurant was lovely but it wasn't child friendly at all. I know you can't please everyone but there are several places which are lovely, dietary friendly and child friendly. This place wasn't 'us' at all. This was a posh hotel and restaurant, we were definitely under dressed in my opinion my children were certainly not their idea of a normal lunch service. No one else came here with younger children, that tells you everything! Needless to say, it may have looked wonderful and I enjoyed catching up with my family, I didn't enjoy myself that much at all!

My main meal. The veg was really tasty, I think I'll add some of these herbs to my planned herb garden! The fish was great too. Dessert was the best. Coconut sorbet is delicious! Midge whinged through most of the meal, she couldn't have pudding because they weren't suitable for her but was just being silly with her main meal because it was perfectly fine (I ate it for my starter in the end!) I think the lure of an outdoor swimming pool and the hotel's cat was too much of a temptation for her!

We had birthday cake though! My Gran seemed to really enjoy her day which is the most important thing. She was happy with us all there for her, she loved the restaurant and had a lovely meal. We bought her some flowers and she liked the card I made for her. Here's the vegan cake my Aunt made:

My poor Gran couldn't blow out the candles! We thought my Aunt had accidentally bought her those trick candles for a minute! I had a few cake helpings, I must admit and I'm feeling it all today! I'm curled on my sofa letting the children run wild and watch as much TV as they like. I feel awful! Back to school tomorrow and some homework to do tonight!

Hope you all enjoyed your sunny weekend. What a great start to June!



  1. Sounds a lovely weekend, the sun makes everything so much better too as well doesn't it :)

  2. Ahhh lovely, amazing how much nicer the days are when the sun comes out x

  3. The spontaneous days can make some of the fondest memories for us and the kids. That was such a cute picture of your son passed out in the cart.