A-Z Challenge:G

G is for Gift of the Month 2013.

If you follow this blog then you'll know since January I have been on a mission to bring a smile to someone in need every month. Here are my links for January and February. March was a personal one therefore I did not blog it. 

Usually the title of these posts would be 'A Year in Gifts 2013'  but the challenge mucked that up for me a bit so I had a mini brainstorm and here we are! So, who was my choice for April?

I have a 'Twitter friend,' Hannah, who is a very lovely lady. She was my February gift receiver. This month her beautiful little girl, Bea, is going in for a small operation to make life a lot easier for Hannah and her partner and a lot less painful for Little Bea.

I messaged Hannah to make sure sending another gift would be OK, making it quite clear this was Bea's gift and if she was at all uncomfortable with this I would think of another person for my April gift. I'm so glad she was okay with me sending Bea something because it means a lot to me to be able to send the gift I have in mind to the person I feel called to help.

I set out to find some comfy pajamas for Bea either during her operation (sleep suits with metal poppers cannot be worn in hospital operating theaters so finding a couple of these were high on my list of priorities) I was obviously being guided incredibly well on the day I was thinking about my gift because I came across a very sweet pajama set which I suspect will be quite comfortable for Bea maybe a few days after her operation and a really pretty onesie that I couldn't resist. I noticed it had buttons, hurrah! I bought them straight away and wrapped them up at home.

I also popped in a little note of luck for Hannah and a £5 M&S voucher which isn't a lot when it comes to these stores but I'm sure there will be something for Bea. Maybe a little teddy bear or something for being brave!

I wish Bea all the best for her operation. Since I've been doing this I've had Tweets, a couple of texts and last month an e-mail that brought me to tears. I don't ever expect anything back from doing this but when someone messages me to say 'this came at the right time,' 'thank-you for making me smile,' and so on,I really feel I am making a difference. 

This is the cutest thank-you I've had though!

Make Do And Push 
Do come back next month to see who I want to try and cheer up with a special gift. Why not send one of your own? If you do send care packages, I'd love to know all about it!