A-Z Challenge: Q

Q is for Quality Moments

You know you have those moments in life where you just don't want them to end? Or want to never forget? That's why I love the beauty of the camera. That piece of technology which allows us to capture those memories which we could very well forget otherwise. Here are some of my quality moments.

There was nothing I looked forward to more than seeing my baby's scan at my midwife appointments and hearing their little hearts beating so fast. I am so grateful I have 2 healthy babies. Thinking about the labour was scary, dwelling on all the problems I had during my pregnancy was depressing so the scans were always something to look forward to. I had 3 with Little A and 2 with Midge.

Little A only a few days old. I couldn't take my eyes off of my beautiful son and the love I felt was instant and amazing. I loved my daughter to pieces but the shadow of depression really hurt our bonding. Still, isn't he so sweet!?

Thursday 18th April. My Sister in law and her children met Gary Barlow in Cornwall. Can't get a more quality moment than that can you? I'm so happy for them because it's not everyday you meet someone whose so blooming famous!!

Our wedding was a quality moment that I pray I never forget. The vows, the guests, the dancing and laughter it was all just so magical to me! Here is a very rare moment indeed where all the family were squeezed together for a group photo.

Last year we introduced Midge to theme parks! She couldn't get enough of the log flume which she made her Dad get on well over 10 times! As you can see it was such a laugh and they got soaked!

I love this photo of Midge. She was gobsmacked that someone would need pants so big!! If you're ever having a bad day please do feel free to look at this photo! Maybe I'll pin in!

Another Midge classic. We had been face painting a little earlier and when I went to sort Little A out I thought that things were a little quiet. Any parent knows this is usually pretty bad but on this occasion it was hilarious. In bounded the Midge with a huge smile announcing 'Look Mummy, I'm a Tardis!!!' You 'Whovians' can be all proud of my parenting skills right about now.

Obviously, I have so many more quality moments. This blog is home to many of them which I'm glad about considering my laptop has died taking everything with it *sobs*. Until tomorrow!