A-Z Challenge: P

P is for Positivity

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

Reasons to be Cheerful is a great round up of the week so far which leaves me feeling positive even though some parts may have been tough. This week Midge has been off school with her chickenpox and Little A has been less than willing to sleep. I discovered the other day that he has a back tooth coming through so lets all wish that to come through quick please!!

1) Today I went to the Osteopaths in town. I have been suffering with a bad back for quite some time. My Osteopath is a really, really lovely man who took me completely seriously and made me feel listened to which can be so rare today. He got the spot straight away and found other areas which cause me pain. I even got some good back cracks out of it which was a-mazing (I'm odd, I love my back being cracked and used to get my sister to walk on it!) I'm feeling good and positive about my next appointment.

2) I saw my dentist this week and have been told my teeth are very nice and my gums are great. How's that for making you feel good? I also have a 'brilliant' spine in case you were wondering...

3) We all had a lovely day today. I went out for some lunch, did some food shopping and bought the children some clothes for our holiday to Cambridge in June. Our train tickets arrived on Monday which was incredibly quick so all we need now is a big suitcase and some tips on keeping 2 young children happy on a 7-8 hour train!

Hope you have some Reasons to be Cheerful this week to.