A-Z Challenge: H

H is for How to make Dairy Free Cream!

If you are intolerant/allergic to dairy like I am or a vegan then you may know how gutting it is to say goodbye to whipped cream. To purchase online costs a fair whack including delivery and many ways of making your own can turn out to be pretty vile. I almost gave up on my quest to be able to eat thick cream ever again when I came across an idea online. Problem was, there wasn't exactly a recipe it was just a list of a few ingredients. After that you were on your own!

Now I've done some experimenting I am happy to share my Dairy Free thick cream recipe  I've had it in cakes, on top of cupcakes and just 'because I like it so I made it and now I can dip anything sweet into it.'

You will Need:

A bowl and whisk (handheld is perfectly fine)
2 cans of coconut milk (low fat isn't ideal)
4 tbsp Icing Sugar (powdered sugar)
* You can add flavours like Vanilla if you like but I love the taste of coconut and the sweetness of the sugar*

1) The most important thing in this process is to put your can(s) of coconut milk in the fridge over night. Place the cans in the coldest part of your fridge (I think this is the bottom shelf?) I also place my bowl and whisks into the fridge too becuase it doesn't take much for the creamy coconut milk to turn back into a  liquid like state!

2) When it comes to opening your cans, turn them upside down. The cream settles at the bottom so when you open your coconut milk you can pour the liquid into a cup (don't throw this anyway, it's perfect for smoothies) then spoon the coconut cream into your cold bowl.

3) I add my icing sugar and give the cream a really good whisking usually starting slow and working the speed up. Adding more icing sugar is fine but bear in mind this cream isn't going to be as thick as the dairy versions and can loose its fluffiness quite easily. Also, the more icing you use the more sweet it's going to be and that's not always a good thing!

I keep my cream in the fridge which some say helps keep the cream thick and others say it doesn't. In my experience it works pretty well. Now you're ready to enjoy your yummy cream! 

Coconut cream can keep for a few days in the fridge. If you put it in an air tight container it can probably last longer but who the hell lets this good stuff last that long anyway?

So, go forth my vegan and dairy intolerant friends and stuff your good selves on delicious coconut milk whipped cream!



  1. What a fantastic idea! I love coconut. My boys wanted to try milk straight from the coconut one day...they never asked again! :D x

    1. Oh yeah that's not nice!! This however is very nice! x

  2. Replies
    1. Is that your stomach rumbling?? ;) haha

  3. I don't eat whipped cream, but thanks for the education!

  4. Oooh sounds yummy, I have no intolerances but I reckon this is definitely something to try :)

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    Following on Blog lovin now :)

    1. Oh thank you Kate.
      I love it because it's so cheap and i think it's a lot tastier than double cream!

  5. Never thought of doing this and good to have in cupboard for last minute cream when needed.

    1. Hope if you try it it works Anne! Very tasty :)

  6. yummy, and good to know! thanks!


  7. That does sound lovely, might have to give it a go